vLoader Free Descriptions

The popular Vine™ video downloader is now available on Android™! The best way to download Vine™ videos on Android! To download from URL: 1. Download the official Vine™ app, or acquire a Vine™ link (https://vine.co/v/XXXXXXXXXXX) 2. If you have the link, go to the download section of app (press the (+) icon) and enter the link, then press "Download Vine" 3. Otherwise, go to "Share to..." in the official Vine™ app 4. Select "Download Vine" (the URL will appear) 5. Press "Download Vine" 6. Videos are saved to sdcard/VineDownloader Features: 1. Videos are saved in the highly portable .mp4 format, making them viewable on almost any device! 2. Sleek, fast, easy to use interface. 3. The Vine™ title is also saved with the video! The free version contains advertisements. Get "vLoader for Android" for an ad-free experience: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.v_ware.vloader Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Vine™ is a trademark of Vine Labs, Inc. This app is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with Vine Labs, Inc. Please contact us with any features you would like integrated: vware.android@gmail.com