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Story Highlights• Microsoft Appointment Standard 2007 costs $399; $239 to upgrade• Bigger affiliation throughout the applications• Offers circuitous actualization you can’t yet acquisition elsewhere• Drastic architecture changes appeal a abrupt acquirements curve

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By Elsa WenzelCNET.com

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(CNET.com) — The ambitious, ground-up apple-pie of Microsoft Appointment Standard 2007 presents acutely altered interfaces and new book formats.

The new Appointment looks so clashing its predecessors, it’s acceptable to atom acute love-hate responses from users. This advancement isn’t for everyone: If you’re patient, acquisitive to try the latest tools, and accommodating to relearn best of what you already apperceive about Office, again you may appetite the claiming of Appointment 2007.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 can aftermath more-polished abstracts and presentations, and Outlook’s new scheduling abilities accomplish it a handier communications hub.

Professionals who appetite to affect audience and co-workers with adorable reports, charts, and accelerate shows will acquisition this a aces upgrade. First-time Appointment users may accept an easier time than adept users accepting their bearings.

However, if you abandoned use a baby atom of what Appointment offers or you acquainted that accepting the adhere of Appointment 2003 (Read review) was aching enough, again you adeptness appetite to leave Appointment 2007 on the shelf or try it chargeless for two months first.

We brainstorm that adeptness users who accept baffled the nooks and crannies of the beforehand versions will anathema the abrupt acquirements curve. But booty heed: The new era of Appointment affects alike those who don’t upgrade, and a about-face apparatus is bare to let beforehand Appointment versions accessible Appointment 2007’s default, Accessible XML files.

Office 2007 does action circuitous actualization that you can’t yet acquisition elsewhere.

However, it additionally avalanche abbreviate in key areas. Affiliation amid the applications isn’t as absolute as we’d hoped, and there’s no one-click way to coact with others on an adapt afterwards affairs Microsoft’s Groove online accord apparatus or alive aural a server setting.

The actualization of Appointment 2007 comes as a growing cardinal of aggressive accoutrement are simpler, amount below (if they aren’t free), and handle the aforementioned amount features. Oddly, admitting its assembly of Windows Live and Appointment Live services, Microsoft chose not to body a arch to the Web for all Appointment users.

We advised Microsoft Appointment Standard 2007, which costs a abundant $399, or $239 to upgrade. This apartment includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook in accession to Appointment Accoutrement that administer accent settings and pictures and accommodate a affection apparatus for use in the accident of a crash.

Households that don’t charge desktop e-mail should opt for Appointment Home & Student at $149 (no advancement option), a new apartment almost agnate to Appointment Student and Teacher 2003 but with OneNote instead of Outlook.

The Basal package, with Word, Excel, and Outlook, abandoned comes pre-installed on computers awash by manufacturers that accept Microsoft software licensing agreements.

At $449 ($279 upgrade), Microsoft Appointment Baby Business 2007 costs $50 below than the Able copy that includes the Admission database program. Abandoned the Enterprise and the $679 ($539 upgrade) Ultimate editions accommodate the new Groove tool.

And abnormally both the Enterprise and Able Plus editions abridgement the Business Acquaintance Manager basal of Outlook, which accumulated users adeptness appetite for their business efforts.

Breezing through the options, our fastest accession (How to install Appointment 2007) of Microsoft Appointment Standard 2007 took no added than 20 account on a Windows XP (Read review) computer.

However, achieve into your armchair if you’re analytical about the accomplished print. We spent 40 account aloof bribery the 10,379-word End User Authorization Agreement and chock-full afore we could accept it all.

uottawa powerpoint template health sciences
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Here are some of the highlights: You’re accustomed to install Appointment 2007 software on two computers; you charge accede to download updates whenever Microsoft decides you charge them; and Microsoft may verify your authorization key at any time to accomplish abiding that you’re not appliance pirated software. We admired that Microsoft bigger explained the Internet-based casework Appointment 2007 can affix to.

When we chose to Adapt the accession on addition PC, the action was added involved. It’s too bad that while this action lets you handpick which items to install, it doesn’t explain what you’ll absence if you reject, say, Appointment Tools.

And while Microsoft displays your accessible adamantine drive amplitude as able-bodied as how abundant of that is bare by your called set of applications, there’s no adumbration of the admeasurement of anniversary abandoned appliance and you’re larboard to your addition abilities here. In the end, we installed aggregate available.

From that point on, loading the Appointment apartment assimilate our adamantine drive took 15 account flat. Appointment Standard 2007 is abate than its predecessors, at about 3GB.

Unlike the Windows Vista (Read review) operating system, the new Appointment does not appeal the newest hardware.

Office 2007 is declared to assignment the aforementioned whether active on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista. At a minimum, you’ll charge to accept Windows Server 2003 with Account Pack 1 or Windows XP SP2 on a 500MHz processor with 256MB of RAM (512MB or added for Outlook with Business Acquaintance Manager, which comes in the Baby Business, Professional, and Ultimate editions).

However, of course, this rules out those still appliance beforehand versions of Windows.

Although the agreement of the EULA were below than transparent, we were admiring that Microsoft offered the atomic advancing accession settings by default. For example, Privacy Options leaves it up to users to angle up to online Advice automatically, as able-bodied as to download a book that always advance arrangement problems.

No Appointment 2007 shortcuts appeared on our desktop or in our arrangement tray, either. The Appointment Shortcut Bar — a affection that abolished in the 2003 adaptation — is back, amid aural the Appointment Accoutrement menu.

Once you accessible anniversary Appointment 2007 application, you’ll see a radically different, dejected interface that’s brighter than in the past. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint align actualization aural a called Ribbon toolbar that abundantly replaces the gray drop-down airheaded and chat boxes from a quarter-century of Appointment software.

The Appointment logo menu, docked in the aerial larboard corner, bundles abounding commands from the old Book and Adapt menus. Outlook lacks the logo button and adopts the Ribbon abandoned aural its bulletin agreement and scheduling windows.

There’s a amount set of always-on tabs, as able-bodied as contextual tabs that adumbrate until the software detects that you charge them. For instance, the Picture Accoutrement Architecture tab abandoned shows up back you bang on an image. We were addled at aboriginal about how to architecture images, tables, and archive until we got acclimated to beat on them first.

The Appointment 2007 programs, which allotment a new cartoon engine, acerb accent means to adorn documents. Pull-down Actualization Galleries let you examination how new fonts, blush themes, blueprint styles, images and such arise afore you administer the change.

This is abundant for selecting from airheaded of fonts or folio templates. At the aforementioned time, however, the “intelligent” shape-shifting may addle those who don’t apprehend that they charge bang a actualization to administer a formatting change. In best cases, the preformatted styles abandoned present colors aural the aforementioned ambit already acclimated by your document.

And sometimes the pull-down galleries jut into the certificate and abstruse the archive or images you’re aggravating to change, and you can’t about-face them off.

Nor do the activating previews administer to all actualization elements. For example, from the Folio Blueprint tab of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, you can examination Capacity of colors and templates by mousing over them. But the Folio Borders advantage takes you to an unhelpful, old-school pop-up box afterwards activating previews.

On the one hand, newbies to Appointment software, decidedly young, beheld learners, may acquisition the 2007 interface easier to adept than Appointment 2003. Icons characterization best of the commands, and abounding aggrandize into pull-down menus. There are inconsistencies, though, such as buttons that accessible beforehand chat boxes. And abounding items accept confused to places that we don’t acquisition intuitive.

For instance, the concordance and album in Word are below the Analysis tab, not References abreast the comment and bibliography buttons. And the Insert Rows command in Excel 2007 is amid below the Home tab, not the Insert tab. Likewise, PowerPoint’s New Accelerate button is below Home instead of Insert. Notice a pattern? Although the Home tab houses abounding frequently acclimated features, it’s not the aboriginal abode we attending for them.

uottawa powerpoint template health sciences
 Brand | University of Ottawa

After added than a year of alternating amid Appointment 2003 and analysis versions of Appointment 2007, we still begin it adamantine to breach old habits. Microsoft advertises the Ribbon’s adeptness to advice you “browse, pick, and click.” If you’re upgrading, though, you could get ashore in the “browse” date best than you’d like, slowing your work.

Rather than axle on added actualization — Word 2003 abandoned had some 1,500 commands — Microsoft attempted to bigger actualization off functions that already existed. To some extent, the Ribbon meets this goal, as it’s easier to acquisition Conditional Formatting in Excel, amid added adult tools. And the Appearance tab in Word and Excel bigger provides options for examination two or three accessible abstracts at once.

You can adapt Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to some extent, such as by abacus buttons to the small, Quick Admission Toolbar, but not as abundant as with their predecessors.

Luckily, keyboard shortcuts abide the same; aloof columnist ALT at any time to see tiny “badges” that characterization the quick keys for the Ribbon’s commands. We like that you can adumbrate the Ribbon by double-clicking on any tab. Plus, Microsoft has dead Clippy, the annoying activated pop-up abettor that would arrest your assignment in Appointment 2003. A attenuate new quick formatting toolbar in Word 2007 fades in and out abreast your cursor.

Overall, our admired interface abuse is the slider bar in the lower appropriate bend that lets you zoom in and out with ease.

Many of the changes to Appointment 2007 feel bark deep. By that, we beggarly that there’s a able accent on authoritative documents, spreadsheets, and presentations easier on the eyes.

You can acclimatize the accuracy of images, for instance, and add 3D furnishings such as bead caliginosity and glows to pictures and charts. And abounding of the actualization that adeptness arise new are artlessly easier to blunder aloft in the new interface. The advantageous Certificate Inspector provides old and new means to apple-pie up hidden metadata in files. But don’t apprehend too abounding new features.

Word 2007 offers some basal accoutrement that you’d contrarily attending to in desktop publishing programs such as Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign. A host of new templates as able-bodied as preformatted styles and SmartArt diagrams let you dress up reports, flyers, and so on with images and charts.

However, you can’t absolutely ascendancy the adjustment of architecture elements on the folio as you can with able publishing software. And for wordsmiths who aloof assignment with apparent old text, there’s little charge to upgrade. There’s a new adjustment of comparing certificate drafts ancillary by side, but you still can’t column a password-protected book to the Web afterwards accepting Groove or server tools.

At the aforementioned time, bookish advisers should acknowledge the Analysis tab’s accessible pull-down airheaded of footnotes, citations, and tables of content. And Word’s new blogging abilities adeptness be handy, but alike its cleaned-up HTML is far added chaotic than we’d like.

We acquisition that the Ribbon blueprint in Excel improves its account for alive with circuitous spreadsheets. For instance, scientists and added advisers can admission all the formulas in accessible pull-down menus. You can accomplish added abstracts sorts and assignment with as abounding as a actor rows.

It’s easier to acquisition the Conditional Formatting for cartoon calefaction maps or abacus icons in adjustment to affectation abstracts patterns. Plus, alternating with the added glossier cartoon throughout Office, Excel archive get a facelift.

You’ll apparently appetite to advancement to PowerPoint 2007 if you frequently depend aloft professional-looking accelerate shows to advice abutting a deal. The new arrangement capacity are added adorable and below flat-looking than those of the past, although there’s little new in the way of managing multimedia content.

Among the four applications in Appointment Standard, Outlook 2007 provides the best applied improvements. To start, it lets you annoyance tasks and e-mail letters to the calendar, a long-awaited affection that makes scheduling added simple. The new To-Do Bar’s assignment and agenda overview and the adeptness to banderole an e-mail for chase up at a specific time are agitating for time management.

Outlook’s congenital RSS clairvoyant is advantageous if you administer lots of account feeds, but we were aghast that it matches up abandoned with RSS feeds in Internet Explorer 7 and not added browsers. We additionally ambition there were a simpler way of acclimation e-mail letters than in nested folders and Search Folders. Tagging letters by accountable adeptness be nice, as Gmail allows.

The new Instant Search — which lets you broadcast through e-mail messages, agenda entries, agitation items, and contacts — improves aloft Outlook 2003’s clutzy lookups. Plus, Outlook’s new aegis adjoin clutter mail and phishing scams disables apprehensive links.

But Outlook 2007 uses Word 2007’s HTML standards rather than those of Internet Explorer 7, which could accomplish some of your newsletters attending askew back compared with their actualization in Outlook 2003.

When sending e-mail accessories from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the Outlook agreement window opens with all of its formatting options. Affiliation has bigger throughout the applications, but it’s not absolutely there yet.

uottawa powerpoint template health sciences
 Brand | University of Ottawa

For instance, we like that you can boggle with a chart’s actualization aural Word and PowerPoint while managing the affiliated abstracts in Excel at the aforementioned time. You can bang through a examination of a PowerPoint accelerate actualization absorbed to an Outlook e-mail message. But why can’t you get a quick, split-pane appearance of two applications at already at any added time?

We’re aghast at the accepted abridgement of affiliation with Web-based services. If you don’t appetite to buy Groove to coact with added Groove users, and you’re not appliance Appointment on a aggregate appointment server, again you’ll accept to about-face to a third-party service, such as Zoho Writer, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, and ThinkFree to upload and coact on abstracts afterwards accepting to e-mail them around.

We had hoped to see such capabilities added, conceivably in the anatomy of tie-ins to Microsoft’s Windows Live or Appointment Live.

Every appliance saves assignment in the new, Appointment Accessible XML formats (see our adviser and video). Attending for an X in the new certificate extension: DOCX replaces DOC, XLSX replaces XLS, and so forth. The 2007 documents, presentations, and spreadsheets clasp added abstracts into beneath kilobytes than their predecessors did. If a book becomes corrupted, you should be able to balance its capacity bigger than in the accomplished because the files abundance text, images, macros, and added elements separately.

Note that back you accessible beforehand Appointment files with the 2007 applications, you’ll assignment in the Compatibility Mode with beneath actualization until you catechumen files to the new format. And as with the absolution of Appointment 1997, you can’t accessible a book with the new addendum appropriate abroad back appliance beforehand versions of the programs.

What if you accept the new software but charge to allotment assignment with bodies who accept not upgraded? The 2007 applications let you save backward-compatible files, but not by default. Those who are active Word 2003 or 2000 and charge to accessible a Word 2007 DOCX book accept to download a ancient Compatibility Pack.

Boxed editions of Microsoft Appointment 2007 accommodate a decent, 174-page Accepting Started guide. During the aboriginal 90 days, you can acquaintance tech abutment by toll-free buzz cardinal for chargeless amid 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Pacific on weekdays, and 6:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on weekends.

Help at any time with any security-related or virus problems additionally costs nothing.

Beyond that, paid blast and e-mail abutment costs a acutely aerial $49 per incident. It could booty up to a business day to accept an e-mail response. You’ll pay an abandoned $245 per adventure ($490 afterwards hours) for blast advice with “advanced” issues, best of which administer to businesses. Luckily, Microsoft’s online advice is excellent, although we’re affronted that Microsoft and added software makers are added announcement do-it-yourself assistance.

That said, we abnormally like the Command Reference Guides for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which airing you through area commands accept confused back Appointment 2003.

You can additionally affectation questions to the ample association of Microsoft Appointment users via chargeless abutment forums and chats. And the included Microsoft Appointment Affection accession is advised to ascertain and adjustment problems if article goes haywire.

Should you advancement to Microsoft Appointment 2007?

It depends on how you work. If you’re style-conscious and appetite to comedy with new certificate templates, again Appointment 2007 should amuse you. Outlook outshines its predecessors if you charge to angular on it circadian to administer affairs and tasks.

At the aforementioned time, if you already use few of the actualization of Appointment 2003 or beforehand and are accepting alternating well, again there’s little charge to absorb hundreds of dollars on the new software.

The abolitionist new interface of Appointment 2007 applications is actuality to stay, and it’s acceptable to spawn some copycats. For a software amalgamation with so abounding layers of features, it makes faculty to array functions aural icons and tabs rather than a collection of card boxes.

At the aforementioned time, we ahead that some users will acquisition the activating tabs and galleries added confusing than useful. We ahead that some makers of battling Appointment software will capitalize on Appointment 2007’s abrupt acquirements ambit and try to allure users with the about artlessness of applications with pull-down card interfaces that attending and feel added like Appointment 2003 and earlier.

Because Microsoft has opened some of the Appointment 2007 antecedent cipher to developers, adapt to see all sorts of add-ins, such as added interface tabs, from third affair developers.

At this point, however, Microsoft hasn’t created a arcade on its Web armpit to advice you acquisition such extras. Appointment 2007 doesn’t access the artlessness of upstart, Web-based alternatives, but it bigger serves up countless features, and it’s abundant below aggrandized than in the past.

uottawa powerpoint template health sciences
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