Uncut Android Descriptions

This is the official app for Uncut Android- a community organized forum about all things Android related. Use it to access the site, share articles and more. *Features:* - Long press links or click the share button on top to get the share menu. - Long press anywhere on the button bar to customize the colors (why not, right?) It's an app for a website but the goal is to make the experience as clean and useful as possible. This app is free and open source. What is Uncut Android? Description from the site itself: Uncut Android will be a different approach to reviews and ideas. It will be unfiltered and raw. No sugar coating, no PC bullshit, just real opinions. The long term goal is to be community driven with readers writing articles along with providing guest writers from other blogs a place to say what they really want. Some comments on the on this site may be inappropriate for younger readers and be considered NSFW, you’ve been warned.