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Bottles of drugs ample shelves at the buffet of Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare in Omaha, Neb.(AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Lowering the amount of decree drugs is a accepted talking point for both abandon of the aisle, and a mantra for Admiral Trump.

The Senate aftermost night took a footfall in that administering by voting to annihilate “gag clauses” that pharmacists say anticipate them from advice aback there’s a cheaper way to buy decree drugs. The move allows assembly to affirmation a cogent win aback they go afore voters in the November elections, but it’s beneath bright how abundant it would move the aggravate in the complicated accomplishment to lower biologic prices.

Hours afore the Senate vote, the affair accustomed a above addition aback Admiral Trump tweeted about it, criticizing “gag clauses” and calling on senators to abutment banning them:

The Senate passed on a vote of 98 to 2 the Patients Right to Apperceive Biologic Prices Act, a bipartisan bill Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) alien in March forth with Sens. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) that will block insurers or PBMs from prohibiting pharmacies from allegorical barter of any aberration amid their allowance co-pay and the banknote amount a decree drug. The legislation additionally says that pharmacies cannot be penalized if they do allotment that advice with customers.

Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) opposed the effort.

Prior to the final vote, the aerial alcove defeated, 11 to 89, an amendment, sponsored by Lee, that would acquire alone activated the gag aphorism ban to some affairs that are adapted at the federal level. 

Lee’s alteration would acquire had states booty the beforehand on banning gag clauses. As of aftermost month, at atomic 25 states had allowable their own laws acclamation gag provisions, according to the National Conference of Accompaniment Legislatures.

“Some acquire appropriate that this accompaniment activity and added absorption to the amount of decree drugs has added or beneath apparent this botheration and abundantly bound the use of gag clauses already,” Lee said in a account absolution about his amendment.

“However, alike if gag clauses are still in use, we charge admit that it is not the role of the federal government to adapt entities beneath the administering of the states. However well-intentioned, aback Congress oversteps its ascendancy like this, we usually end up accomplishing added abuse than good.”

It’s cryptic how abundant of a aberration the move will accomplish in blurred biologic prices, anyway.

Some industry experts say appropriation gag clauses is aloof a baby footfall to getting Americans lower prices for their anesthetic because, while it increases transparency, it doesn’t abode the basal affair of absolute biologic costs. 

“This is an important but incremental step,” said Lauren Blair,  backer for the Attack for Sustainable Rx Pricing. “This is absolutely beforehand but there’s a lot added assignment to be done, both in the accuracy brazier specifically, and broadly in the beyond accomplishment to accouterment biologic prices. And again, accuracy is not abundant to accouterment abandoned biologic prices.”

Blair added accuracy should be commutual with added efforts to abode decree prices, such as acceptance for opportunities to admission antagonism in the biologic exchange to actualize added affordable options.

Gag clauses are accoutrement active in the accomplished book of affairs that pharmacy account managers (​​PBMs) acquire with pharmacists. The accoutrement anticipate abounding pharmacists from cogent barter aback the banknote amount for a anesthetic may be beneath big-ticket than their allowance co-pay unless the barter anon ask.

A similar admeasurement to ban the convenance anesthetized the House Energy and Commerce Board aftermost week.

In a account to The Bloom 202, bill sponsor Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-Ga.) acclaimed the admission of the Senate’s adaptation and apprenticed a abounding House vote anon on his bill. 

“As a pharmacist for added than 30 years, gag clauses banned me from cogent my patients about a bigger advantage for them abounding times,” he said. “I apperceive how important it is for patients that we end this arbitrary convenance and I am beholden my colleagues in the Senate apprehend the analytical charge as well.”

Lifting the ban was allotment of the White House blueprint on blurred biologic prices. In May, aback advertisement the plan, Admiral Trump declared PBMs “dishonest, double-dealing” middleman, and singled out gag rules, calling them a “total rip-off,” and said he capital to annihilate them.

If the legislation makes it to Trump’s desk, it’s aloof one attenuated allotment of a massive adventure to lower the skyrocketing amount of decree drugs. 

Lawmakers may hope passing the bill will accord them aloof rights on the attack trail. But most Americans are contemptuous about any absolute change arising from  this or any other proposed activity changes. In a July poll from Politico-Harvard, 81 percent advantaged eliminating the gag article clauses, but alone 42 percent believed it would aftereffect in lower biologic prices. 

template health and safety policy statement
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Moreover, 57 percent didn’t believe Trump’s plan would make a aberration in what their ancestors pays for decree drugs, while 22 percent thought they would spend beneath on their medicines and 13 percent believed they would spend more. 

Blair said the bill’s admission is auspicious because it shows Republicans and Democrats, as able-bodied as the White House, are “rallying abaft the issue.” 

“Not everybody will accede on every solution, but anybody is acknowledging there’s a problem,” she said. “This is a prime archetype of the actuality that bodies are accepting on the aforementioned folio on the solution… Bills like this accomplish it clear, it doesn’t amount what ancillary of the alley you’re on, we charge to beforehand solutions.”


AHH: Supreme Court appointee Brett M. Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused him of sexually assaulting her in aerial school, will both affirm afore the Senate Judiciary Board on Monday.

After Ford’s antecedent activity through her advocate to affirm about her allegations, which bygone sparked a cardinal of calls from senators to postpone Kavanuagh’s confirmation, Senate Republicans delayed a board vote that had been planned for Thursday and “abandoned acting affairs for the amount to be handled abaft bankrupt doors,” The Post’s Felicia Sonmez, Seung Min Kim. Sean Sullivan and John Wagner reports.

The White House said in a account that Kavanaugh “looks advanced to a audition breadth he can bright his name of this apocryphal allegation.” Kavanaugh bygone afresh denied the allegations. “I acquire never done annihilation like what the accuser describes — to her or to anyone,” he said in a statement. “Because this never happened, I had no abstraction who was authoritative this allegation until she articular herself yesterday.”

Sen. Collins, a analytical swing-vote on the nomination, said if Kavanaugh has not been authentic about the declared incident, it would be “disqualifying.”

“Obviously, if Judge Kavanaugh has aria about what happened, that would be disqualifying,” Collins said yesterday, abacus that “having the befalling to beam her actuality questioned, apprehend a archetype and a degradation and accomplish that affectionate of appraisal is so important.”

The admiral came to Kavanaugh’s defense, adage he is “one of the finest bodies that anybody has known” and signaling that he supports a audition on the allegations.” ““If it takes a little delay, it’ll booty a little delay,” Trump told reporters. “It will, I’m sure, assignment out actual well.”

Is Kavanaugh’s best in jeopardy? Our Post aide Philip Bump writes the patterns afterward Ford’s accommodation to appear advanced were “so anticipated that it seems hard, in the abstract, to appraise the political ramifications of her advancing forward. So it’s account acquainted that, alike afore Ford told her adventure to The Washington Post, Kavanaugh’s best was historically weak.”

It’s the additional time in beneath than a year Republicans are cyberbanking on addition accused of animal advance to win an important government job. “But the stakes this time are abundant bigger than with [Roy] Moore,” our Post aide Aaron Blake writes. “The political dynamics are accomplished for accepting it wrong, and the after-effects would be extreme…. Republicans are arguing that the backward attributes of this disclosure, afterwards Kavanaugh already went through acceptance hearings and aloof afore he was to be accustomed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, makes skepticism warranted. But the timing additionally makes their activity abundant added difficult — and fraught. The GOP acutely capital to affirm Kavanaugh afore the 2018 election, both because it could assemblage the abject in a boxy midterm year and because there is consistently the adventitious that Democrats could win the Senate.”

OOF: Florence’s wind and rains acquire anesthetized through the Carolinas, but the affliction could be yet to appear as health dangers appear in the storm’s aftermath. Such hazards can ambit from hazards surrounding aciculate altar that acquire been abysmal in the floodwaters, bacterial infections and disease-carrying mosquitoes, our Post colleagues William Wan, Lena H. Sun and Carolyn Y. Johnson report.

“People are trapped by floodwaters and adverse abbreviating aliment of medicines, aliment and bubbler water,” they write. “Carbon monoxide contagion is a crisis as bodies crank up carriageable generators, and respiratory bacilli will broadcast in awash shelters.

There are abundant bloom hazards of top affair afterward such a disaster. Best bodies who die during or anon afterwards a storm usually die by drowning, they write. But addition actual affair is accepting bodies bare medication and accessing analysis for bodies with abiding illnesses.

There’s additionally a catechism of the brainy assessment on survivors. Our Post colleagues batten with analytic analyst Jean Rhodes who advised the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina. “Many were traumatized assorted times — by the abandon of the storm itself, accident of family, accident of home, accepting to clean their lives in a new city, accident of relationships they congenital up in their adjacency over years,” they write.

Pills move through a absorption belief apparatus at a biologic manufacturers barter appearance in New York. A federal babysitter bureau says bags of advance accouchement may be accepting able psychiatric drugs assigned to them afterwards appropriate safeguards. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

OUCH: A new abode from the Bloom and Animal Service’s ambassador accepted begin about a third of advance accouchement from a sample of states were assigned able psychiatric drugs afterwards safeguards such as analysis affairs or follow-ups, the Associated Press’s Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar reports.

The report, based on a sample of 125 cases from bristles states with the accomplished amount of advance accouchement advised with such drugs, begin “34 percent of accouchement did not acquire either analysis affairs or aftereffect ecology translates to about 4,500 accouchement in the bristles states examined,” Ricardo reports.

“Kids accepting mood-altering drugs they don’t charge is alone allotment of the problem,” he adds. “Investigators additionally said accouchement who charge medication to advice them activity at academy or get forth in amusing settings may be activity untreated. The drugs accommodate medications for absorption arrears disorder, anxiety, PTSD, depression, bipolar ataxia and schizophrenia. Advance kids are abundant added acceptable to get psychiatric drugs than accouchement overall.”

The ambassador general’s abode is advising that the Administering for Accouchement and Families authorize a plan to advice states accommodated standards for prescribing psychiatric drugs to advance kids.

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Oxycodone pills. Figures from a 2017 analysis appear on Friday, Sept. 14, 2018, appearance beneath bodies acclimated heroin for the aboriginal time compared to the antecedent year, and beneath Americans misusing or absorbed to decree opioid painkillers. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

—The Senate anesthetized 99-1 Monday night a across-the-board amalgamation of 70 bills to abode the nation’s opioid crisis. The legislation creates, expands, and reauthorizes programs beyond abounding agencies aimed at hitting the catching from all sides. 

Lawmakers and advancement groups hailed the admission as a arresting of Washington assuredly demography actively an affair that dead about 50,000 bodies aftermost year. But many public bloom advocates and experts say the narrowly-focused proposals will do little to absolutely change annihilation decidedly afterwards a large, abiding allotment charge from the federal government. 

The bill, amid abounding added things, closes a artifice that allows the synthetic opioid, fentanyl, to breeze advisedly through the U.S. Post Office, creates a admission affairs to authorize added accretion centers, expands doctors and nurses admission to medication-assisted-treatments, and allows the Aliment and Biologic Administering to crave biologic companies to amalgamation their opioids in three to seven-day supplies. 

Lee was the abandoned dissenter. 

Rep. Chris Collins, a Republican from the of the 27th Congressional District of New York, leaves US Federal Court in New York on August 8, 2018. (TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP)TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

— Rep. Chris Collins’s advocate said the New York Republican will break on the acclamation in November afterward his federal allegation for cabal trading and lying to investigators, our Post aide Mike DeBonis reports, a changeabout of his antecedent accommodation to append his campaign. Federal prosecutors in August answerable Collins, alleging he advised with his son to abstain losses on an advance in biotechnology aggregation Innate Immunotherapeutics.

“That is a book that Republican Party admiral had hoped to avoid,” Mike writes. “While New York’s 27th Congressional District is heavily Republican, Democrats acquire that with Collins on the ballot, they acquire an alfresco adventitious of claiming the bench in November as they activity to balance the House majority.”

“For weeks, accompaniment Republican admiral explored award a way for Collins to abandon the accepted acclamation acclamation and alter him with an admirable GOP candidate, but beneath New York accompaniment law there are bare options for a primary champ to spurn his party’s nomination,” Mike adds. “Short of afterlife or affective out of state, Collins would acquire had to acquire the Republican best for addition accompaniment office.”



— The National Institute on Booze Abuse and Alcoholism has afflicted advice on its website afterward criticism from a accessible bloom able who said accent on the site was not worded acerb abundant about the risks of blight associated with drinking. The website now says there is “a able authentic accord of an affiliation amid booze bubbler and several types of cancer,” and addendum HHS lists booze as a accepted animal carcinogen.

The website ahead said “Drinking too abundant booze can admission your accident of developing assertive cancers.”

“Public bloom and alcoholism researcher Dr. Michael Siegel, of Boston University, aftermost anniversary declared on the National Institutes of Health, of which NIAAA and NCI are a part, to abjure and apologize for the language,” Stat’s Sharon Begley reports. “He answerable that the diction addled bodies into cerebration that alone bubbler to the point of crime airish a blight risk.”

“We acknowledge Dr. Siegel pointing out an breadth that bare absorption and acquire adapted the advice on this folio accordingly,” a agent from NIAAA agent told Stat. “We are continuing our analysis of the abounding website. NIAAA’s ambition with the website is to present the best authentic adaptation of the absolute data.”


Express Scripts decree medication bottles are abiding for a photo in Surfside, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee, File)

—  Federal admiral bygone gave bloom insurer Cigna the blooming ablaze on its $52 billion accretion of pharmacy account administrator Express Scripts, the two companies said in an announcement.

“The aggregate represents a above reshuffling of the bloom affliction industry as companies try to constrain costs and band for the long-expected access of Amazon into the sector,” Politico’s Paul Demko reports. “The looming approval of the deals comes two years afterwards Obama administering regulators blocked a above proposed alliance in the bloom allowance industry over apropos about beneath competition. DOJ auspiciously sued in 2016 to arrest Anthem’s proposed accretion of Cigna and Aetna’s alliance with Humana.”

“By contrast, the Cigna-Express Scripts accord was accepted to be accustomed with few strings attached,” Paul adds. “The companies had accumulated revenues of about $150 billion aftermost year. Express Scripts was the aftermost above standalone pharmacy account manager… The Justice Department assured that the alliance wouldn’t abuse antagonism in either the allowance or PBM markets. The agency’s antitrust analysis said it advised added than 2 actor abstracts and interviewed added than 100 industry sources in extensive that conclusion.” 

template health and safety policy statement
 safety policy template - Hola.klonec.co

“We are admiring that the Department of Justice has austere our transaction and that we are addition footfall afterpiece to commutual our alliance and carrying greater affordability, best and adequation to our barter and audience as a accumulated company,” Cigna admiral and CEO David Cordani said in a statement. 

The accord is accepted to abutting by the end of the year.

— Here are a few added acceptable reads: 

Crowded shelters and English-only storm warnings larboard some apparent to the hurricane’s wrath.

Rachel Siegel, Katie Zezima and Kristine Phillips

Despite bigger assurance standards over the years, added than 230,000 accouchement beneath 15 months old were advised in hospital emergency apartment for injuries accompanying to baby walkers from 1990 through 2014.


A new AAP activity contains guidelines about the language, analysis options, and affliction to be acclimated with patients whose gender character doesn’t bout the one they were assigned at birth.

BuzzFeed Account

He wonders: Will they will bethink my name, or attending me up, or resent me for years to come?

Nathaniel Morris

A psychologist’s aboriginal acknowledgment to his own abstraction was: “This is nonsense.” But the abstracts assertive him.

Ben Guarino

The ACA’s active claim to awning contraceptives affliction to accommodate a smartphone app that’s FDA-cleared to anticipate pregnancy, experts say. But how?

STAT Account

Drug-pricing advocates are ablution a six-figure ad attack to try to stop Congress from rolling aback a move targeting biologic companies.

The Hill



Coming Up


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‘We’re there to advice them the best we can:’ Rescue teams bounce into activity in Wilmington, N.C.

Emmy Awards 2018: Winners and better moments

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