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Our siri for android phones app, is a free revolutionary must have app for Siri. Ever wondered what Siri is really thinking? ... Now you can, with our fun new siri for android ! Use our siri for android phones app to create your own sayings for Siri, and then share them with your friends! You can also use oursiri for android App to talk directly to Siri, without you saying a word ! Our phones, allows you to say speak funny quotes and ask funny questions Siri Download our phones, for over different commands and siri for android questions that you can ask Siri .... and you'll be rolling in the aisles with some of the answers ! Invite Commands for siri for android to a party, and get your friends to guess Siri's response to your questions ! Control your phone with, voice commands is not demonstrating all its features when controlling your device. The main features ofsiri for android is to have intelligent voice command service in. From now on you do not need to touch your phone every time you need to make an action on it. Just ask Siri voice app and it will immediately response to your voice. This guide for Siri voice control will discover many hidden and useful functions of Siri for android that will definately meet all the users expectations. Features: •VOICE DIALLING •WRITING SMS (EASY TO USE TEXT EDITOR) •DISPLAYING RECEIVE SMS WINDOW AND READING IT (TEXT-TO-SPEECH ENGINE IS REQUIRED) •START NAVIGATION WITH SETTING DESTINATION •SEARCHING WEB •LAUNCHING CUSTOM APPS •MAKING NOTES •SWITCH ONOFF WI-FI, MOBILE DATA, BLUETOOTH •READING BATTERY LEVEL •WRITING AND POST TWEETS (PRO VERSION) highlite: siri for android free siri for android phones siri for android phones like an iphone siri for android free download siri for android free offline siri talking app for android hey siri app for android siri for android in english siri for android phones offline siri for android arabic siri talking app free for android siri for android offline siri for android tablets siri talking app for android in hindi personal assistant for my android like siri siri for android english hi siri for android siri talking app for android offline siri voice assistant for android best siri for android siri app for android english siri for android mobile siri for android phones free