S power planning Descriptions

Plan your battery consumption to meet your needs using the features below. 1.Reserve battery for calls Reserve your remaining battery power for calls and messages when it falls below a set threshold. At this threshold, Reserve battery mode will be enabled automatically, allowing only the Phone and Messages apps to be used. All other apps and functions will be disabled to save battery power. The default reserve threshold is 15% battery power. 2. Extend battery time Extend your battery life up to double the time. Depending on your usage, Maximum power saving mode will be enabled automatically when necessary. The battery life remaining after Maximum power saving mode is enabled may vary based on your continued device usage. Manually enabling Maximum power saving mode will automatically disable Extend battery time. 3. Forward calls when no battery Forward incoming calls to a selected contact or number while your device is powered off because its battery power is critically low. When your device is charged and powered on again, calls will no longer be forwarded. You can also send a text message to inform your contact that your device will power off and your calls will be forwarded to them. Make sure that your service provider supports call forwarding. Forwarding calls and sending text messages may result in additional charges, depending on your payment plan.