RetroArch Android Descriptions

RetroArch now hits Android packed with all of the cores from the console and PC versions - and totally free. LEGALESE - READ: * DOES NOT INCLUDE ROMS OR COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL OF ANY KIND - YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN. NO ROM REQUESTS OR ANYTHING ELSE OF THIS NATURE PLEASE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. WE WILL ALSO NOT RESPOND TO ROM REQUEST E-MAILS. * DOES NOT COME WITH COPYRIGHTED PSX BIOS FILES or anything else that would be illegal to distribute. PCSX ReARMed uses HLE BIOS emulation - that's why the games 'just work'. If a game does not work with the PS1 emulator, then try to start it with BIOS files in the same directory. * RetroArch is licensed under the GPL and we maintain good relations with the actual emulator authors. Any emulator you see in this 'pack' is compliant with the original license of the emulators, and in most cases also endorsed by the official authors and/or the current maintainers, While RetroArch might be licensed under the GPL, the emulators themselves might have a 'non-commercial' license or any other proprietary license that forbids selling (such as FBA and Genesis Plus GX). YOU ARE THEREFORE COMPELLED TO OBEY BY THE SPECIFIC LICENSE DEMANDS IMPOSED BY THE EMULATOR CONTAINED IN THIS PACK IF YOU HAVE ANY INTENTION OF 'REUSING' ANY OF THE SPECIFIC CORES CONTAINED IN THIS PACKAGE. YOU COMPLY WITH EACH LICENSE ON A PER-CORE BASIS. FOR USERS - PLEASE READ - * If you want help and if you want your feedback to be used - go to the forum and register here - bug report should be SPECIFIC and DETAILED. Just making comments in the reviews section like 'psx core doesn't work, why?' is NOT descriptive or specific enough for us to debug anything. You will have to be a lot more specific than this in order for us to be able to 'fix' your 'bugs'. * Read the manual here - I've seen people say it doesn't have features which it does - like save states and such. RetroArch Manual: Cores Manual: plays the following kind of games: - PlayStation 1 (emulator: PCSX ReARMed) - Super Nintendo (emulator: SNES9x Next, SNES9x, bsnes/higan) - Nintendo NES (emulator: FCEUmm / NEStopia / QuickNES) - Atari 2600 (emulator: Stella) - GameBoy / GameBoy Color (emulator: Gambatte) - GameBoy Advance (emulator: VBA Next) (*) - Arcade (emulator: Final Burn Alpha/MAME 2003 [0.78]) - Neo Geo Pocket Color (emulator: Mednafen NGP) - Virtual Boy (emulator: Mednafen VB) - Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (emulator: Genesis Plus GX/Picodrive) - Sega Master System/Sega Game Gear (emulator: Genesis Plus GX/Picodrive) - Sega 32X (emulator: Picodrive) - Sega CD / Mega CD (emulator: Genesis Plus GX) - PC Engine / PC Engine CD (emulator: Mednafen PCE Fast) - WonderSwan Color / Crystal (emulator: Mednafen Wonderswan) - Cave Story (game engine: NX Engine) - Doom 1 / Doom 2 / Ultimate Doom / Final Doom (game engine: prBoom) - Quake 1 / Quake 1 Mission Packs 1 and 2 (game engine: Tyrquake) * NOTE: You will need a fast tablet/phone to run this at fullspeed. An Nvidia Shield should be able to run this at fullspeed - your mileage on other devices may vary. SPECIAL FEATURES: - Plug and play detection of many USB / Bluetooth gamepads - Real-time rewinding in games - Very advanced pixel/vertex shader support (will push your GPU to the limit) - Totally customizable touchscreen overlays - Expandable with new cores, and the ability to make your own cores and use them with RetroArch - Totally free - no ads, no 'collecting stats', no push ads, no ridiculous 'spying/information gathering permissions' required, no BS Brought to you with from the emu scene with love. We strongly believe emus should remain free - even on app stores. That's why we're here. NOTE: Due to size limits, we had to remove the MIPS and x86 cores. Let me know if any of you happen to use such a device and we'll post a separate version.