Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face Descriptions

Balance your life and work by using only one app for all your online accounts! These days we all have multiple online accounts and sometimes it may be difficult to keep track of all of them and to be on top of what’s happening in each of them. If you too, experience this the Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face app is perfect for you! Join its more than 90 million users and start using one of the top-ranked apps for Android. With this app you can log on to multiple accounts in a single device and customise your clone apps with different themes that fit your personality. We know your privacy is very important, so we keep you protected by making apps invisible with the Incognito Installation feature. Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face is available in 24 different language and is compatible with almost every Android app so you can balance your online presence easily and with a single app. You can also secure your app with the security lock feature, thus guaranteeing you’re 100% protected. There are several themes for you to choose from, creating your own unique apps. You can also switch themes with one-tap mode so you won’t ever get bored. With a single tap you are able to switch between apps, making their management easier and faster as you don’t need to keep changing apps. To check out all the features in the Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face app, download it now and let us know what you think!