Munin for Android Descriptions

Munin for Android allows you to display Munin output graphs of your server onto your Android-based device. It is very simple: 1 - Install Munin for Android 2 - Set your server(s) in the app 3 - Display your graphs! No configuration is needed server-side. Follow Munin for Android on Twitter to stay in touch with the latest updates and information! Munin for Android has a lot of fancy features: - HTTP basic auth + digest auth* - Labels - Grids - SSL support* - Graph widget* - Alerts widget* - Notifications* - Multi-touch on-graph zoom - 2 sample servers to try the app - Custom UserAgent * available in the $1.49 Features Pack Munin for Android is open-source: you can contribute on GitHub: You can also join the app beta channel by joining the Munin for Android Google+ Community (, and submitting the form on this page ( NB: the comments below are not a bug tracking system. If you have found an issue on the app, please send me an email at .