Jenkins Android Descriptions

The Jenkins-App is mobile application to access and monitor software projects build with Jenkins-CI Server. It allows user to monitor the status of the jobs via its build overview, build history etc. Should there be a problem with a build and the build fails, the user will be able to see the notification and contact the developer. It enables the user to diagnose the reason for the failed build by checking the console output which shows a full details of the build. Users can also check out on who is currently active and which job they are working on through the user information feature. Principle Features  Able to Trigger a New Build from the console  Able to view the ‘status’ of the jobs, i.e. the result (successful or failed) of the latest build, recent changes etc.  Able to view a history of all the builds in the job.  Find out detailed information of a build via the build logs  Able to retrieve useful information such as a build duration/ cause of failed build  Able to view the job depending on the type of view you have on Jenkins  The ability to view queued jobs and the reason why it is being queued.  User Authentication and Login to your own server This is one of the most promising Jenkins app that has all the information for a build like it was when you have it on your computer. It has a very user friendly UI for easy navigation.