Iran Android Descriptions

★ Find all great Android apps for Iran in one place and read all Iranian tech news. This is Iranian app market and we will make discovering of good applications super fun and easy. (Android Iran Android ایران) تمامی برنامه های کاربردی آندروید برای ایران ★ You can browse Iranian apps by group and categories, searchfilter groups, read description, see app screenshots and other info about apps and install them through the Google Play. ★ You can add them to favorites for later use, share data about app, or even entire search results, with any app that supports text sharing (FB, Email, Sms, Twitter...) ★ You can choose between 5 color schemas (skins). ★ You can read Iranian Android and other tech news from popular Iranian sources.,,,,,,,, ★ You can browse specifications of all Android devices (phones and tablets). You will find apps specific to some of the cityarea (Tehran, Mashhad, Razavi, Esfahān, Tabriz, Karaj, Shiraz) and other that covers all Iran. There are 600 Iranian apps listed in first release and this number will grow. Listed apps like: Persian Browser, Quran Farsi Translate, Persian Radios, Farsi Radio and many more! As a plus there are also 2200 recommended "World apps" included that can be useful and interesting to you. Some of them are popular, but some of them are hard to find. ★ ★ ★ IMPORTANT NOTE: ★ ★ ★ As you know, Google open Google Play store to the Iranian users recently. But even so Iranian users can download only apps that developers may possible to be downloaded from Iran. It's one minute of work for them to add Iran to the list of countries so be free to contact app developers for specific app you want to download. If not allowed to download app you can get 403 error from Google., There are more common reasons from that error. Like, if you are using Internet connection with proxy in APN network settings like mentioned here:!topicmobiley75i4PCZqwo If that's the case you should fix your settings to make it work for you. Other than you can find and install one of the VPN apps like Hideman to simulate that you are from different country if needed. Iran Android is app developed by Andro Smart Apps for our Iranian users and not affiliated with Google™ Inc. in any way. We will try to improve app in future and to add more apps specific to Iran and relevant tech news and devices. Feel free to contact us for any problems and issues and we will try to resolve it if possible. Follow us on FB for more info https:www.facebook.compagesIran-Android184173958420611?ref=hl or use our web page for web access to list of Iranian apps: http:www.androsmartapps.comiraniran.html