History Eraser for Android Descriptions

Keep you device history clean, free and fast with History Eraser: Phone Cleaner. Learn the art of memory optimization by history eraser instantly. Use ‘History Cleaner’ today to maintain your privacy, secure personal data and boost phone speed. History cleaner for Android is an amazing phone cleaner app featured with all history, mobile data and web browser history cleaner. History Eraser for Android is one of the most used application developed by the developers of TheAppRain. Unlike other history cleaner apps, it does not operate on the back-end and dry the phone's battery out, our smart history cleaner will only work when you wish to erase or permanently delete your phone or web browser history. History cleaner is free to use and one of the best cleaner and eraser for all apps search history available on Google PlayStore. If you're searching anything on your phone's web browser and wanted to protect your privacy and do not want anyone to see your search results, with History Cleaner you can clear all search history in one go. It also helps you clean any other internet browser history and very effective when clearing Google search history. Features - Clear Browser Web history - Clear Browser Search history - Clear Play Store search history - Clear Clipboard Data - Clear Google Search history - Clear call logs - Phone cleaner and speed up. - Phone cleaner and batter saver. - History eraser - Web browser history cleaner - Playstore history remover