Emoji For Android Install ROOT Descriptions

Root is required for this application to function This app works fully on Android 4.4, giving you even more emoji. There's no way to display colour emoji on Android 4.3 or below (yet) Emoji installer is the app to get emoji support on Android devices, with root access. Don't know what root is? Check here: http://quinny898.co.uk/redirect/root-guide.html This application installs the font required for inputting and viewing emoji on Android. Please read the full description for information on how it works In Emoji Installer, you get the ability to install a font with almost all unicode items supported, fully automatically, after pressing the install button. Better Emoji This installs an better emoji font, from Android 4.3 with a few tweaks, which allows for more emoticons to be viewed and for some to be Android themed, including almost all of the faces to be cute "Andy" the Android robot icons Want to see those emoticons and unicode icons but end up with boxes or blank spaces? This app is for you! It installs the font required for Android to be able to see emoticons and unicode items on apps such as the following: Messaging (SMS and MMS from even the iPhone and other devices) Palringo WhatsApp Kik Snapchat Twitter Facebook Other messaging apps Any other apps that use emoticons and unicode, even those from iOS users Supports iOS smiileys from iOS 5 and 6 also! Disclaimer: if you encounter any bugs with the font, that is out of my control, as this app only installs them. However, if you encounter bugs with the installation such as force closes or the app hanging, please e-mail me using the contact details below, I will try to help Tags: emoticons on android, emoji on android, ios emoji, ios emoticons, unicode font, unicode installer, unicode viewer, free installer, free install, free emoji, free emoticons