Crazy Driver Android HD Descriptions

Crazy Driver is a classic 2D game for android with realistic roads to drive on, crazy Driver features fast paced gameplay and have lots of fun! This game also has online score system where users can score higher to be on top!! can you make to top? ;) then give this game a try! Mission: Your Goal is simple! Driving your car as far as possible! but remember the far you go the more diamonds you will collect this means more score! ;) Collecting diamonds in a row will give you double or triple the score! but missing one will give you back to normal rate! Good Luck! ** Realistic Graphics ** Fast Gameplay ** Diamonds to collect ** Endless Gameplay! ** Online scoring system! and much more! Your Feedback is welcome! and if you would like to support the developments please installed the Pro version which offers no adverts. This game needs 4 permission which are required by a Social SDK (Swarm Connect). Note: This game will gun best on high-end devices! for example Galaxy S / S2 and other high-end devices! But will work with all mobiles so you can install it if you can see this text.