Compass with Android Descriptions

ompass with Android is the app which gives you the exact direction and location when you are travelling in any unknown location. Compass for Android uses your GPS and magnetic sensor to give you the exact result of Latitude and longitude along with exact direction and degree. This LED Compass has the following features: - Gives you the accurate reasult of your direction - Gives you the exact degree - Gives you the Latitude and Longitude of your current location. - Simple and easy to use - Effective GUI ## Instructions:- - Please go to the instruction section of the app and move your phone into the figure of 8 (Eight) to initialize the Magnetic Sensor. - After moving your phone into the figure of 8 then your phone will vibrate and gives you the message that "Calibration Completed" - It is better to initialize the sensor before using it for the accurate result. ## Note:- - If you do not have a built-in magnetic sensor in your phone then none of the Compass application will work on your device. - Because it requires magnetic field to determine your direction and convert it into digital degree. ## It can also work as level measurement, bubble level, magnetic field detector, metal detector. ## RATE US: If you like our effort please do rate us and help us grow. ##Disclaimer: - We do not store any user data in any form whatsoever.