Clean Android Descriptions

Clean Android general application tools needed for an android phone clean up. If someday, your phone clean suddenly becomes slow, rapid battery saver capacity, many errors appear uncomfortable. That is the sign that the phone has too much junk cleaner, the battery life has been impaired. Clear cache and clean master feature will scan the applications in devices and statistics of the application cache occupancy, junk cleaner file clean up, apps manager for you. Clean Android applications will clean up a lot of storage space, extending the amount of RAM available, helping other critical applications running speed up.  With the Clean Android, it will help your phone clean up this mess. Manage and track the status of the equipment in real time. Clean Android your equipment will help speed up implementation, improvement and optimization of resources. In addition, the android screen also provides an informative, health status of the battery saver. Includes: The amount of remaining energy, operating status, battery life temperature, voltage, batteries, ...  It will help you check the battery life by scanning, looking dead center, the location of the battery saver damage. Clean Android, apps manager provides a useful tool for you, which is the battery life check error. Then find a way to fix it. With this powerful tool, you will not need to worry about batteries again. Cpu cooler master is a feature that is integrated in the Clean Android. If your phone becomes too hot, clean cpu cooler master enabled, the app will help cooler master the cpu by closing background apps manager, accounting for more resources, to overload the system. This feature will monitor the status of the cpu temperature, cpu cooler master resources percentage is used. Kill unnecessary processes, thereby cpu temperature lowered. Cpu cooler master usage does not exceed the threshold of working allows your device will help increase life expectancy, better management. The main features of Clean Android:  - Clean up, clean master junk cleaner files, speed booster cleaner, spam app manager, speed up, increased use of capacity, space cleaner and app manager.  - Clean up, Clean Master increase performance, app manager, optimize RAM, speed booster cleaner, speed up, space cleaner and battery repair.  - Tracking, monitoring temperature and CPU usage of device resources.  - To monitor and closely manage storage space.  - Helps lower the heat, CPU cooler master in case it's too hot.  - Tools to support smart scan, detect dead spots, low operating point of the battery saver, battery repair. Restore and repair the battery life.  - Provide sufficient information on the current state of the battery saver, enabling users to manage better battery life. Highlights of the Clean Android:  - Speed booster cleaner, battery repair and space cleaner.  - Interface flat, professional style.  - App manager free download, installs quickly, does not occupy the resources of the device.  - Tools smart, easy to use.  - Powerful features, full support and comfort.  - Help clean up and clean master all the risk, speed up app manager processing.  Please using and rate app Clean Android to continue developing app!!