Browser Internet Android Descriptions

- Internet browser app for android devices. - Easily open extra browser pages with browser tabs. - Incognito page feature for private browsing preference. - Easily share browser pages conveniently using email, facebook, twitter, dropbox, etc. - View browser history feature. - Easily search and find items in a web page. - Copy link of url for easy pasting to notes, emails etc. - Add pages to bookmarks and ability to import and or export bookmarks. - Preference settings for display, privacy, cookies and many more settings. - Long press a link to open in a new browser tab. - Ability to choose download location for files and media. - Show or hide status bar. - full screen feature. - Can change text size to suit your preference. - Preference to allow or deny location access for better local search results. - User Agent settings. - Sync history with google ability. - Save passwords preference setting. - Settings to clear cache, cookies, history on exit preference.