Broadcaster for Android Descriptions

Broadcaster for Android is a multi-purpose, multi-protocol live video/audio encoder for android platform. Broadcaster for Android carries forward the legacy of Adobe Flash based live broadcasting on desktop onto the android ecosystem. Now use your Android smart phone/tablet to do live broadcasting from anywhere ,at any-time. Broadcaster for Android supports both media server based broadcasting(RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPS) and server-less P2P multicast (RTMFP). * Allows video/audio recording/broadcasting * Allows playback over rtmp, rtsp (on supported devices) and http for various types of media streams * API allows you to tightly integration Broadcaster for Android with your own website. * API allows you to authenticate users on your own domain and load publisher settings directly from your website. Basic usage guide (Standalone) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Free website integrated usage Contact developer for more details or mail us at support[at] Integrate Broadcaster for Android with your website and let authenticate your users on your own domain. Control destination, stream name and other streaming options from your website. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standalone usage guide --------------------------------- 1. Run application 2. Select standalone mode 3. Select Live broadcast / Record / Play 4. Enter publish/playback details when prompted based on option selected in step 3 For Playback ------------ Enter your complete qualified playback url (RTMP, RTMPS, RTMPE, RTMPT, RTSP, HTTP, HTTPS) ie: rtmp:// rtmp:// rtmp:// rtmp:// rtsp:// For Broadcast/Record ------------ Enter your complete qualified rtmp url with application instance and stream name ie: rtmp:// streamname Advance usage guide (Website mode) ----------------------------- 1. Contact about your business needs 2. We will help you install Broadcaster for Android API files on your website 3. Forward your users to use Broadcaster for Android to connect to your server using [Website mode] 4. Application settings will automatically be loaded via API and your users can broadcast to preset server location without hassle To test website mode (You must have a account on the website you are connecting to) ---------------------- * Create a channel at * Log-in using the same credentials in Broadcaster for Android in Website mode * Broadcast live video all day long. Contact for any assitance