Blits: Shoot The Ball Descriptions

Blits is a one touch arcade where you must hit the ball without touching the spinning obstacles. Blits is most classic and amazing game for everyone. Tap the screen of the device at the right time to shoot the ball, ball will throw in the direction of the arrow, the objective is to throw ball outside of the spinning wheel. One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive game play mechanics. Just concentrate on the middle circle and its arrow. Tap the screen when you specifically want to throw the ball in the direction of the arrow. There is no witchcraft in this shooter game, just stick to the game with patience. You will get 1 point on each successful ball blast and can submit your high score on global leader board. Tap Anywhere To shoot the ball Rich visual effects and addictive Shooting games will bring you an imaginable shoot journey. Exercise the coordination of your hands, eyes and brain. Tap anywhere To shoot the ball. Avoid hitting to spinning obstacles!.Enjoy the exciting free games, shoot, shoot more and never give up! -Endless Game -Compete on global leader board -Multiple types obstacles are there to challenge you. -The most happy and popular shoot game -Press, release, easy to play and control -Single mode brings you endless joy -Clean and beautiful GUI, prefect visual effect -Stunning graphics -No time limit, best casual game to kill time -Relax your brain, challenge your reaction speed 1. Shoot Shoot! 2. Quick to look around! 3. Be careful not to hit obstacles. Casual Mode : As you will proceed in the game, speed will increase gradually. So you need to be more patience at that time.