Battery Life Saver for Android Descriptions

Battery Life Saver for Android is proud to be a Saver Battery for Android "EXTREMELY EASY" to use. Master your battery saving skills and optimizing your phone easily! This application helps users save battery life with ONLY ONE PUSH, optimizing your phone settings by clearing the memory, close applications and tasks, and control various functions. In the Power Management mode optimizes phone settings to increase the service life of the battery. Furthermore, this application is extremely easy to use. Contact us: Email: Google +: Facebook: Website: * FEATURES * ★ --- 1. Optimizer One Touch (including functions to clear the memory / empty the trash / close tasks) --- ★ ✓ Clean the memory tasks closes with a button "Optimize" an extremely simple touch to save energy! ✓ Indicates how many hours you can save with one touch. Prevent your phone runs out of battery! ★ --- 2. Battery Saver in Standby Mode --- ★ ✓ Even without you be using the phone, it synchronizes data every second, and this wastes battery. ★ --- 3. Consumption Monitor / Uninstaller Applications --- ★ ✓ Monitor and displays which applications spend and save battery at a given level ✓ Choose the application that uses more battery and use the function Uninstall / or / Force Stop to save time! ★ --- 4. Remaining Time Monitor --- ★ ✓ percentage in battery level (%) in the status bar.