Appy - Streaming and Gaming on Android Descriptions

Appy is the worlds only fluid firmware app that chance change dynamically. This application is an evaluation app for the services at If you sell Android TV Boxes and would like your own version of Appy custom designed with your branding and company details please visit for all the details. What can Appy do? Pretty much everything. Appy is the worlds only fluid firmware app designed for Streaming and Gaming. Everything is set up and ready to go right from the home screen. Gaming Integrated fully with a retro gaming platform Kodi Builds 10 of the Internets most popular Kodi builds ready to install. Apps Launch or install popular apps right from the home screen IPTV Premium Access over 800 live and HD premium IPTV channels The best part is, everything can be edited remotely. If anything new and amazing pops on to the Android scene it will be added to the home screen remotely.