Android Workbench Descriptions

Android Workbench is a companion app for creating Zooper Widget templates and home screens that allows you to display notification information above and beyond SMS, Calls, and Gmail counts, with more features on the way! ***You must have AutoNotification and with the Unlock key installed for notification features, as well as Media Utilities for Song Title information*** Get them here: (Can be purchased In-app) Supported apps: Hangouts (HNGTS) Google+ (GPLUS) Gmail (GMAIL) Google Now (GGLNW) *Please note Google Now does not include a notification count or feed variable* Android Email (EMAIL) Facebook (FBOOK) Twitter (TWTTR) Android Messaging (MSGNG) Hello SMS (HELLO) WhatsApp (WTSAP) Facebook Messenger (MSNGR) Google Play Store (GPLAY) Instagram (INSTA) Skype (SKYPE) YouTube (UTUBE) QuizUp (QUZUP) EvolveSMS (EVOLV) MailDroid and MailDroid Pro - (MLDRD) Tumblr (TMBLR) KakaoTalk (KAKAO) Threema (THRMA) Google Keep (GKEEP) ...and more to come! Simply take the shortcodes from the list above and add #T...# in Zooper. just like you would for a Tasker variable! Also adding TITLE, TEXT or FEED on the end will give you the notification title, text, or a list of the last 5 combinations of the two for the apps you've received a notification from. Example: #TGPLUS# will return a notification count for Google+ #TFBOOKTITLE# will return the notification title for Facebook #THNGTSTEXT# will return the notification text for Hangouts #TTWTTRFEED# will return the last 5 titles and texts of notifications from Twitter Also included are the variables #TSONGCOUNT# which will return the total number of songs in your Music/ directory, as well as #TTRACKNAMELENGTH# that returns the number of characters in a song title's name (allowing for resizing using Advanced Parameters). Also included is the #TTICKER# variable that creates a ticker text of the track title, artist name and album name. ***If you are having issues with your widgets not updating, restart the monitor and wait for new notifications to arrive***