Some Users Reviews : Jay M on Mar 6, 2014 at 8:29 PM -------------------------------------------------- A must have app for beginners i asked for a shared preferences tutorial because its what i needed for my app,and the dev replied pretty sharpish and said it would be in next update but he's busy with exams, but if i told him what was up he could help me out. I told him and sent him my code and he sent me back a working project with plenty of comments in the code so I could understand what's going on. Nice one dev 👍 Juana Patankar on Feb 18, 2014 at 4:16 PM ----------------------------------------------------------------- Some people would think that simplified, easy-to-read content would be total junk, but let me tell you now, they're as wrong as you get! Can't wait to get more apps from you, no way am I uninstalling this app!! P.S - What software do you use in the first section? Help much appreciated!! :-) Elisabeth Huhn on Feb 5, 2014 at 2:19 PM -------------------------------------------------------------- Seems like a great app. No single app is sufficient, but this is one that should be among the tutorial apps you use to come up to speed with Android. Are you a Java Programmer and want to be the developer of Android Platform? or else Searching for the offline resources to clear the Interview of Android Application Developement Companies? Then here is Android Tutorial which is a First offline Application that aims at simplifying the complexity of Android Application Programming. It is an Application that is designed in a order to help the beginners in Android Development. The Application contains many examples with source-codes that are simplified and commented in easy understandable way. It not only contains the source-codes, but also it has Interview Questions/Answers that help in clearing some Interviews. FEATURES : -SIMPLIFIED TUTORIAL WITH EXAMPLES. -INTERVIEW QUESTION/ANSWERS . -SYNTAX HIGHLIGHTING WITH PERFECT INDENTING OF SOURCE CODES. -SOURCE CODES INCLUDE WELL COMMENTED CODE WHICH HELPS TO UNDERSTAND BETTER . -PROGRAMS TOO HAVE A SAMPLE OUTPUT (IMAGE). -COPY FEATURE HELPS TO COPY THE SOURCE CODES AND RUN THEM WITHOUT ERRORS. -SHARE FEATURE HELPS TO SHARE SOURCE CODES WITH FRIENDS OR EVEN MAIL IT YOURSELF. -PRACTICE TEST. -MOVE TO SD CARD SUPPORTED. -EASY NAVIGATION WITH DEDICATED SOFT-BUTTONS -A BRIEF EXPLANATION OF CONCEPTS -PREFERENCES INCLUDED