Android system manager Descriptions

this is Android system manager for free ! what is Android system manager?do you want to Clean RAM Memory is tool to clear Your RAM Memory & Boost your device RAM space?you is in the right place. Android sstem manager is a free united states utility application to enable you to control your Android device,Over time, ASM builds up cache and database files that take up space on your phone and cause stutter and lag. Clean your Android frees up these files and cleans ram to bring back the speed to your Android device. AndroidSM is a FREE Android app that boosts speed of your phone or tablet. It cleans your system from unwanted files and increases your storage space. Brought to you by the creators of the popular app Speed Boost Pro, the insanely popular program to speed up your phone and increase battery life by nearly double. the system is good and light is helpful for you to use in various purposes such as monitoring cpu, ram, baterry, rom,sd card info, in this application are also available devices to remove and clean cache files and useless files in your android device easily with a single click, also enhancements for battery monitoring, backup and restore data, and clean up your android system the Features from ASM is: • Clear Browser History • Clear Call Log • Clear text messages • Clear Market Search History • Clear Google Search History • Clear Search History • Clear Google Map Search History • Clear Gmail Search History • Clear Clipboard Data • Clear Youtube Search History • Clear Google Search History • Clear all app cache files • Clear Frequently Called • Clear Download History • SMS Remove/Delete • Delete/Remove SMS by Conversation • Call Log Remove/Delete and more Benefits from Android System Manager : *you can Speed Booster: Speed up your phone with this app for faster startups and optimized processes. *Memory Optimizer: Get an overview of all apps running at any given time, and easily kill those that are gobbling up memory (RAM) and slowing your phone down. * Junk File Cleaner: Clear your cache, junk files, etc. on your phone and SD card to free up storage space for your photos, videos and music. * Privacy Cleaner: Protect yourself from prying eyes by wiping sensitive data such as what you searched for, who you called, and what messages you sent. * Application Manager: Get an overview of all apps on your phone, see how much space they take up, and easily uninstall multiple apps at once. Clean your Android with Android System Manager is a powerful device manager that will help you master your background tasks,easy clean and more memory space,manage apps,scan, protect and battery power through easy interface and one touch controls. It is a totaly Android phone management solution that combines advanced functionality of an app task killer, speed and ram booster, storage analyzer and clean master as well as a battery saver. with 1 tap you can memory cleaner and booster widget makes it easy to clean your phone directly from the homescreen, clear out your storage by enabling you to delete junk files such as cache files, residual file.with a single step Android System Manager is Easy to batch uninstall unwanted Apps or backup important ones. Disable pre-installed and system Apps. This app is FREE so give it a try! Please don't forget to leave us a rating. thx you