Android Browser Full Incognito Mode Made In India Descriptions

Power Surf ( Beta ) is a Light Weight and Fast Android Browser with Full Incognito Mode which is Fast & clean and it is completely Made in India We Believe in simplifying and right now we are only focusing on fast web browsing, we have tested Power Surf to perform well in 2G conditions also and we are proud to welcome you to the Open Beta of Power Surf. A Browser Made by Indian Developers. ►Key Features. ☆ Welcome to the No Login Browser We do not ask you to login or connect your Facebook or Twitter Account , we believe in complete privacy. We Understand you want to browse the internet privately and we do just that for you. Leave no Fingerprint of your Browsing History , simple Surf and Enjoy.No one will be able to track your browsing unless you want them to. ☆ Light Weight and Fast Everyone says that, how do we trust this Browser? Well everyone is not less than 2 MB, while Power Surf only uses 2 MB of your Phone Memory and since we do not track anything, do not track you with cookies and we have innovated some ways to make your browsing faster even on low speed connections, so that you are always connected even when you are not in a fast connection ( 3G / 4G ) zone. ☆ Made In India for the World This might be one of the very few stable browsers to come out of a Indian Development Studio. We just got Inspired by Make in India Movement. ☆ Tailor Made to the Needs We have always developed products based on the needs and feedback of the users, and Power Surf is also a result of out closed beta program however till Power Surf is in Open Beta we will be taking in more requests and will include more and more features that you need. Just Install Power Surf and get in touch with us at that is the direct Email ID of our our CEO and he takes all the feedback and user interactions directly. We do not say we are the Best Browser for Android or the Fasted Browser for Android , but we are good and we are fast and we develop for you and with you. ☆ Some Great Features ✔ Online videos without waiting. Movies and TV shows. ✔ Fast and stable downloads. Do Let Us Know Your feedback or areas of improvement. Will be Glad to hear from you. Connect with us. Facebook - Twitter - @Gizbuzz Website –