Android AV Descriptions

Unofficial android client of the popular iOS app Air Video. This app streams to your Android device using the Air Video Server application. Only works for the non HD Air Video Server (it is recommended to use 2.4.6-beta3). ** It is required to use an external video player that supports live URL streaming such as MXPlayer to watch videos. ** Currently requires a local wifi connection to use. Current features: - Live convert (including live convert settings) - Live stream (play stream directly with an external media player) - Videos are opened via external media players that support live streaming - Bonjour/zeroconf server discovery (can automatically find your air video servers on the local network) - Dynamic loading of detailed file information - Global user preferences (conversion settings, directory listing order etc) Planned features: - Offline conversion support - Snapshot scrolling and viewing - Remote mobile wireless (3G etc) support - Download video to device Planned updates: - User preferences improvements - Server and directory traversal improvements - UI changes to improve usability on larger screens eg. tablets.