Android Automate Descriptions

Android Automate - multifunctional program, designed to help you manage your phone by allowing to customize phone reaction to large variety of events. Available conditions: - Date, time - Media and Camera buttons press - Sd-card mount/unmount - Notification on screen - Click on some widget - Enter text into text field - Check some word in text - incoming sms-message - outgoing sms-message - incoming call - outgoing call - headset state - Application install/uninstall - Screen off/on - External power connected - Some application start - Sim-card changes - Phone boot - Battery low-level - Screen orientation changes - Specified location - Phone shake - Time interval. Available automatic actions: - Play sound - Show text, image, message on screen - Record sound to file - Vibrate - Start specified app - Control sound volume - Make photo - Record video - Send email with attachment - On/off airplane mode - Open file - Clear notification list - Show notification - Control screen brightness - Say text using android TTS - Record data to file - function play/pause for music players - function next/previous for music players - open url in browser - Change wifi state - Change bluetooth state - Get current coordinates and other. You can connect actions together thus creating multiple new functions, like: - Automatically record video and send it to email - Control music by phone shaking - After sim-card replacement, send your phone coordinates to email - Automatically voice incoming sms - Record phone events to file - Quickly change multiple phone parameters(wifi, bluetooth) by customizable widget - Quickly start audio/video record by shaking phone and many others functions. Program also contains widget which allow to quickly perform selected action sequences.