Android Abigail Descriptions

You flip up her skirt till the end, and panty gauge will increase. When you see all her panties, the game is completed. As for the "Panty gauge", one of the heart mark isn't one of the panties. It's the percentage of the total number of panties. You can see only 2 kinds of panty at first. However, when you meet a certain condition you can see more kinds of panties. One of the condition is to click a hidden item placed in each stage. When you touch on an item, the effect of the star occurs on Abbey's skirt and the condition is met. Monastery stage... The item exist somewhere on the screen. Office stage... The item will appear somewhere at sometime. Bedroom stage... Sometimes items come flying. Sickroom stage... Sometimes items come rolling. and another item is existing. Another condition is Abbey's excitement level becomes the maximum. You can confirm the excitement level at the Feeling-monitor. About Feeling-monitor : In the square button at the top of the front panel, you can see the Feeling-monitor. Drag the monitor, you can change the position. Abbey gets excited gradually when you flip up her skirt or touch various points. Then the sine curve becomes tight. In addition, Abbey has the parameter of the affection value. When her affection-values changed, the color of the sine curve changes. Then her gasp-voice changes. You can go to the extra stage by completing the game.  Please press R key at the sickroom stage.