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Lance Page / Truthout; Adapted: takomabibelot, massmatt)” width=”308″ height=”462″ />(Image: Lance Page / Truthout; Adapted: takomabibelot, massmatt)The Affordable Affliction Act (ACA), additionally alleged “Obamacare,” may be the bigger allowance betray in history. The industries that accumulation from our accepted bloom affliction arrangement wrote the legislation, heavily afflicted the regulations and acquire accustomed waivers exempting them from accoutrement in the law. This has all been done to assure and enhance their profits.

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In the meantime, the bloom affliction crisis continues. Fewer people, alike those with bloom insurance, can allow the bloom affliction they allegation because of abroad costs. The ACA continues that trend by blame deficient bloom affairs with low advantage and belted networks.

This is what happens in a market-based arrangement of bloom care. Bodies get alone the bulk of bloom affliction they can afford, rather than what they need. The ACA takes our bootless market-based arrangement to a accomplished new akin by banishment the uninsured to acquirement clandestine bloom affairs and application the government to advertise and angel them.

Sadly, best Americans are actuality manipulated into acknowledging the ACA and do not alike apperceive they are actuality bamboozled. That is how scams work. Alike afterwards the con is completed, victims do not apperceive they acquire been manipulated and ripped off. They may alike feel acceptable about actuality scammed, cerebration they fabricated a accord back they absolutely had their coffer accounts picked. But it is the allowance companies that are the acumen asset profits from the Obamacare con alike as it falters.

The accumulation media is focused on the abstruse problems with accepting the allowance exchanges up and running. These problems aftereffect from the complication of the law and outsourcing of casework to corporations that are generally added cher and beneath able than government. In comparison, in 1965 back Medicare started, anybody 65 and over was enrolled aural six months – application basis cards.

If all US association were in one plan, Medicare for all, rather than the ACA’s tiered arrangement that institutionalizes the chic divides in the United States, not alone would the bloom arrangement be fairer and advance bloom outcomes, but it would be beneath bureaucratic, beneath cher and easier to implement. The Medicare-for-all admission considers bloom affliction to be a accessible good, article that all bodies need, like schools, anchorage and blaze departments.

Rather than actuality absent by the problems of the exchanges, the added acute affair is whether we appetite to abide application a market-based admission to bloom affliction or whether we appetite to accompany the added automated nations in alleviative bloom affliction as a accessible good. This chat is difficult to acquire in the accepted ambiance of falsehoods, exaggerations and ambiguous statements advancing from both accessory directions, echoed by their media supporters and nonprofit organizations.

Of course, the Republicans advance Obamacare for accessory reasons. And they are generally aboveboard backbiting in their criticism. Their basal claim, calling Obamacare socialized medicine, is the adverse of reality. And, the Obama administering and its allies in the nonprofit apple additionally acquire their fair allotment of falsehoods about the ACA. We will alarm these added below.

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A Primed Public

In reality, the US bloom affliction arrangement is the affliction of the affluent nations. We absorb the best per person, acquire the everyman allotment of our citizenry covered and acquire poor bloom outcomes. Forty-five thousand adults die anniversary year alone because they do not acquire insurance, and 84,000 Americans die anniversary year of preventable illnesses that would not die in the French, Japanese or Australian bloom systems.

Even those with allowance acquisition it to be bare back they get actively ill. Medical costs and affliction are the greatest affidavit for bankruptcy, and allowance does not anticipate banking ruin. Every ancestors is affected by the failures of US bloom care.

The Institute of Anesthetic issued a address in 2013, US Bloom in International Perspective, that abstracts the abortion of the US bloom affliction system. In summary: “Americans alive beneath lives and acquaintance added injuries and illnesses than bodies in added advantageous countries. The U.S. bloom disadvantage cannot be attributed alone to the adverse bloom cachet of ancestral or indigenous minorities or poor people: alike awful advantaged Americans are in worse bloom than their counterparts in other, ‘peer’ countries.”

The bloom affliction crisis had developed to such accommodation that by the 2008 acclamation it could not be ignored. It was a above affair of the presidential campaigns. The bloom industries knew this and invested heavily in the candidates. Applicant Barack Obama overwhelmingly accustomed added in donations from bloom care-related industries than any of the added candidates.

The accessible was accessible for bloom affliction reform. Alive that the majority of the accessible supports a Medicare-for-all system, it was action to booty austere planning to blackout that majority and achieve a law that able the interests of the bloom industries.

Obamacare: The Allowance Scam

A betray is a counterfeit operation advised to accomplish money. A betray unfolds over time with a aggregation of swindlers gluttonous to rob the victim afterwards the victim anytime alive they acquire been scammed.

In Confessions of a Aplomb Man, Edward H. Smith lists the “six audible accomplish or stages of advance in every cautiously counterbalanced and well-conceived aplomb game.” Let’s go through these six accomplish and see how the action of affairs the ACA to the accessible fits.

1. Develop the Foundation

The foundation of a betray is the alertness done advanced of time to set up the scheme. In the case of the ACA, the foundation began with the bloom law anesthetized by Massachusetts in 2006. The arrangement was created by Stephen Butler of the Heritage Foundation, a bourgeois anticipate tank. The law was anesthetized beneath a Republican governor, Mitt Romney.

The abutting assignment was to advertise this abstraction to Democrats. The Robert Wood Johnson foundation gave a above abetment back it fabricated ample grants to accompaniment bloom ameliorate groups in 2008 to advance Massachusetts-style ameliorate in their states, alleged the “public-private partnership” model.

To added advertise the ACA, Roger Hickey, a longtime Medicare-for-all apostle of the Attack for America’s Future (closely affiliated with the Democratic Party), took an abstraction from Jacob Hacker to actualize a new accessible allowance modeled afterwards Medicare to ‘compete’ with clandestine insurance. Hickey awash the archetypal to accelerating groups, and Hacker’s angle was acclimated by the Obama campaign.

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In July, 2008, Hickey and others rallied accelerating groups to actualize a new coalition, Bloom Affliction for America Now, which accustomed tens of millions of dollars to body grass-roots abutment for the ACA. The name was agnate abundant to the longtime Medicare-for-all organization, Healthcare-Now, to account confusion.

2. The Approach

The admission is the way that the con artisan gets in blow with the victim. The agent for the ACA con was the tech-savvy political attack of Barack Obama. The applicant promised achievement and change. Obama, who had accurate distinct payer afore active for president, was able to point to all of the problems in the US bloom affliction arrangement and accelerate bodies with the abeyant of a new baton who accepted the crisis and would fix it.

After his election, the attack organized Bloom Affliction House Parties in December 2008. Bodies were encouraged to allure accompany and neighbors to their homes, and the Obama alteration aggregation provided the materials. The album that was acclimated was deeply scripted to body abutment for the ACA rather than absolutely arm-twist aborigine ascribe on what affectionate of bloom arrangement was desired.

3. The Buildup

In this stage, the victim is aflame about the apprehension and is abounding with apprehension so their acumen is angled and attention is befuddled away, ambience them up to abatement for the scam.

Throughout the winter and bounce of 2009, the Obama administering gave the actualization of bringing all of the “stakeholders” calm to assignment for bloom reform. The admiral captivated a White House Bloom Acme in March 2009, which included assembly from bloom allowance corporations, hospitals and biologic companies. The alone groups that were not included, until there was a blackmail of protest, were those who apostle for Medicare for all. The single-payer advocates did not speak, but the allowance agent opened and broke the White House summit.

Throughout the spring, the admiral and allies reassured the accessible that if they admired their bloom insurance, they could accumulate it; that allowance would be fabricated added affordable (not that bloom affliction would be added affordable); and that ameliorate would aim for accepted coverage.

4. The Convincer

The convincer for abounding who accurate absolute bloom ameliorate was “the Accessible Option.” The abstraction was that the law would force the uninsured to acquirement allowance but would accommodate the best of a accessible bloom allowance plan. The accessible was told that this advantage would be added cost-effective than clandestine allowance and, thus, beneath expensive, which would accomplish it added attractive.

Many were assertive that a accessible advantage would become a Medicare-for-all system, that it was a “back door” to distinct payer. They were told that action beeline to a single-payer bloom affliction arrangement would be too difficult and that the accessible advantage was a aboriginal step. Bloom Affliction for America Now organized grass-roots groups to put their action into angry for a accessible option, and abounding responded.

There was absolute acrimony directed adjoin those who acicular out that from a action standpoint a accessible advantage fabricated no sense. It was artlessly abacus addition allowance plan to an already-complex and big-ticket arrangement of hundreds of insurances and that, as had occurred time and afresh at the accompaniment level, it would allure those with the greatest bloom needs and as a aftereffect would ultimately abort because of aerial costs.

What best bodies did not acquire at that point was that the accessible advantage was not alone a non-solution to the bloom affliction crisis but that it was not alike destined to be in the final legislation. Senator Max Baucus appear in March 2009 that it was a “bargaining chip” to get bloom insurers to acquire regulations. Glenn Greenwald apparent this added absolutely back the Democratic administering in the Senate actively formed to accumulate the accessible advantage from actuality included in the Senate bloom bill. The accessible advantage was aloof allotment of the con.

5. The Hurrah

The Hurrah appearance of a con involves some array of crisis that allegation be overcome. This appearance started in August 2009, back the Tea Party, backed by Americans for Prosperity (a Koch brothers advanced group), came out absolute aggressively adjoin the ACA at bounded boondocks halls. They alleged it “government-run” and against its fabulous “Death Panels.” This served to animate the accelerating groups to assemblage about the admiral and appear out acerb in favor of the law. Rallies in favor of bloom ameliorate were organized beyond the country.

Health ameliorate advocates were activated added to abutment the law as the House and Senate struggled to appear to consensus. As added aspects of the law that were important to bloom ameliorate supporters were jettisoned, such as advantage for immigrants and admittance of changeable services, and the accessible advantage was whittled bottomward to nothing, abutment for the law became a accessory account of abutment for Admiral Obama.

Members of Congress who accurate the Medicare-for-all admission told us that they were action to “hold their adenoids and vote for it.” Accelerating groups and media feared that if the bloom bill did not become law, it would ruin the Democrats’ adventitious to authority a majority in Congress in the midterm elections and would abort the president’s adventitious to be re-elected.

6. The In-And-In

The purpose of the final appearance of the con is to accomplish abiding the victims do not apprehend they’ve been conned.

Obama active the ACA on March 23, 2010. Immediately the business began. The three words we heard the best to alarm it were universal, affordable and guaranteed. Of course, the ACA is none of those. But associates told us alone that if they told the truth, they wouldn’t be re-elected.

Progressive groups started the assignment of acknowledgment the advantages of the new bloom law to the public. The few absolute aspects of the law were acknowledgment afterwards acknowledgment the big picture. Overall, the ACA is agnate to added neoliberal bread-and-butter policies; it defunds and destroys our accessible bloom insurances and added privatizes bloom care.

The end ambition of the ACA con, to accomplish abiding bodies do not apprehend they acquire been conned, is ongoing. As we will see below, salespeople, generally the aforementioned nonprofits who pushed the ACA, are accepting big money to advertise allowance with Madison Avenue business abetment tactics.

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At the aforementioned time, arch single-payer advancement groups abhorrence added marginalization in their communities and so are abashed to acquaint the accuracy about Obamacare. The accessible has been so hoodwinked by the accessory agitation amid Republicans and Democrats, based on misinformation from both sides, that single-payer advocates are abashed if they acquaint the truth, their allies, abounding whom are Democrats, will advance them away. So the accuracy has few emissaries, while the well-funded deceivers abide the ACA con.

The Con Continues: The Product

A axiological botheration with the ACA is that it is based on continuing our complicated clandestine bloom allowance or market-based system. Despite their announcement slogans, clandestine insurers primarily abide to actualize accumulation for their investors or, in the case of “nonprofit insurers,” to pay absonant salaries to their executives. They affliction about bloom as abundant as Big Oil cares about the environment.

Health insurers accomplish their profits from charging the accomplished premiums they can and by akin and abstinent acquittal for care. They appetite to booty in as abundant money as they can, while advantageous out as little on bloom affliction as possible. They acquire abounding accoutrement with which to do this, and they’ve auspiciously skirted regulations for decades. Back they can’t accomplish a profit, they artlessly cull that artefact from the shelf and actualize new products.

The accessible has been led to accept that the ACA has afflicted the behavior of bloom insurers. In this breadth we briefly explain some above areas of affair and why abounding of the promises of the ACA are false.

More-expensive allowance premiums: A above affiance was that bodies could accumulate their allowance if they admired it, but abounding are award that this isn’t alive out. Kaiser Bloom News appear aftermost week: “Health affairs are sending hundreds of bags of abandoning belletrist to bodies who buy their own coverage, arresting some consumers who appetite to accumulate what they acquire and banishment others to buy added cher policies.” The Society of Actuaries appear a report in March 2013 that showed allowance pools are set to see an boilerplate admission of 32 percent in basal claims costs by 2017.

The Charlotte Observer reported: “Across North Carolina, bags of bodies acquire been abashed in contempo weeks to acquisition out their bloom allowance affairs will be canceled at the end of the year – and premiums for commensurable advantage could admission sharply.”

The admission in premiums will force added bodies to use the accompaniment bloom allowance exchanges, breadth prices are declared to be added affordable, but alike that is not a solution. Russell Mokhiber of Distinct Payer Action describes the bind he faces in West Virginia. Mokhiber accustomed a apprehension that his accepted allowance expires January 1, 2014. If he wants to accumulate his plan, it will amount alert as much. In his accompaniment alone one allowance company, Highmark, will be listed on the exchange. He alleged Highmark to acquisition out what his choices were and got bad news: “The skimpiest plan is action to amount me added than I’m advantageous now and acquire a college deductible and abroad costs.”

There are letters of added premiums from beyond the country. One acumen for the admission in amount is, as USA Today reports: “About a third of allowance companies autonomous out of accommodating in the exchanges in states breadth they were already accomplishing business, according to a contempo address by McKinsey & Co. About bisected of states … will see a ‘material decline’ in competitors.”

Decreased coverage: The ACA will admission the cardinal of bodies who acquire bare allowance that requires aerial abroad costs and does not awning all all-important services. The ACA decidedly lowers what is advised to be able allowance advantage through its arrangement of tiers. The allowance exchanges action four levels of coverage, with the least-expensive affairs advantageous for 70 percent and 60 percent of covered services.

These affairs accommodate aerial co-pays and deductibles that are barriers to affliction – abnormally back 76 percent of Americans are active paycheck to paycheck. And insurers are akin advantage added by attached their networks so they do not accommodate above medical centers or able numbers of bloom professionals.

It is important to highlight that insurers pay alone for covered casework because people don’t usually acquire that they will acquire to pay for baldheaded and out-of-network casework themselves. The use of out-of-network services is generally automatic and occurs afterwards actuality accepted at the time of care, abnormally in emergency situations.

The New York Times reports:”Most of the 15 exchanges run by states and the District of Columbia do not acquire provider directories or chase accoutrement on their Web sites – at atomic not yet – so barter cannot calmly analysis which doctors and hospitals are included in a accurate plan’s network.”

People are acceptable to accept the least-expensive affairs afterwards absolutely compassionate that a austere blow or affliction could broke them alike admitting they acquire insurance. And the chase to the basal in advantage will affect everyone. It is already estimated that 44 percent of ample employer-based affairs will be high-deductible affairs by 2014.

Tricks to abuse those with above-mentioned illness: One of the abundant affairs credibility of the ACA con is that those with above-mentioned illnesses will not be denied coverage. This is true, but insurers acquire abounding means to abstain the ill. The ACA was accounting by an allowance aggregation controlling from Wellpoint, Liz Fowler, who went on to be assassin by Obama’s HHS to apparatus the law and now works for a biologic giant. So, all forth the way, the allowance companies had addition attention their interests.

One way to abstain the ailing was mentioned above: excluding hospitals breadth bodies with austere bloom problems go, like above medical centers. Addition way is by accouterment poor account to bodies who acquire a lot of claims so they change insurers. And a third has to do with the actuality that allowance companies are accustomed to allegation added in bounded areas breadth bloom costs are higher. If a plan in a accurate breadth is not authoritative abundant profit, the allowance aggregation can artlessly stop affairs in that area.

Insurance companies additionally can allegation three times as abundant based on age. Because best above-mentioned affliction comes with age, this abundantly undermines the aegis of those with above-mentioned illness. Allowance companies are accomplished at gaming laws and regulations, so we can apprehend added artistic abstention of bodies who absolutely allegation bloom care.

Almost no abridgement in youths afterwards insurance: One of the awful accustomed claims of the ACA con was that youths would be covered on their parents’ allowance until they are 26 years old. While this is true, the allotment of 19- to 26-year-olds afterwards allowance has alone collapsed from 48 to 41. Why? Best parents cannot allow the added premiums that are appropriate back added ancestors associates are covered. As a aftereffect this affiance has been one of little value, except to the affluent – and to those affairs the Obamacare con.

No cap on abroad spending: One of the affairs credibility of the ACA con was that it would absolute how abundant bodies pay out of abridged for bloom care. Of the bags of waivers accepted by HHS, one was the absolute on abroad spending. The allowance companies claimed that their computers were not set up to handle this change. HHS took this cool account actively and gave them a abandonment on this important provision.

The Con Continues: The Dealers

The best arrant aspect of the ACA is the alone authorization that those afterwards bloom allowance who do not authorize for accessible allowance such as Medicaid allegation acquirement clandestine allowance or pay a amends for actuality uninsured. The accessible is actuality led to accept that the band-aid to the bloom affliction crisis is to admission the cardinal of bodies who acquire insurance. This ignores the actuality that accepting allowance does not beggarly that patients will acquire admission to or will be able to allow the bloom affliction they need.

The ACA appropriate states to actualize new marketplaces for allowance alleged exchanges or abroad the federal government would actualize the exchange. In essence, the federal government is application billions of accessible dollars to accounts the exchanges, appoint bodies to advertise allowance and angel the purchases. Imagine what a account it would be if those billions of dollars were acclimated instead to appoint bloom providers and pay for absolute care.

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The federal government plays a big role in active 26 of the accompaniment bloom exchanges but is allotment all of them. The anniversary amount of operating the exchanges will be $15 actor to several hundred actor per state. In the end, consumers will pay the amount through account surcharges tacked on to their premiums.

Part of the federal spending will be on “navigators” and “assisters,” bodies whose job it is to advice bodies buy insurance. The Obama administering appear in 2013 that it would be administering $200 actor to states, clandestine groups and bounded bloom centers so that they can appoint workers, alleged navigators, to advertise allowance to Americans.

How are navigators paid? A House Committee on Oversight and Ameliorate issued a address on September 13, 2013, that advised how navigators will be paid. One botheration is that abounding are paid based on the cardinal of bodies they enroll. Obviously this could advance navigators and assisters to not alone “facilitate” acceptance but to actuate bodies to enroll. And navigators are not appropriate to acknowledge this incentive.

This acquittal anatomy is aloof one problem, the House address summarizes, admonishing of scammers:

“… the training to be Navigators and Assisters will aftermost alone bristles to 20 hours and there is no affirmation for a accomplishments analysis of Navigators and Assisters who will acquire admission to awful acute claimed information, such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and assets for anybody in an applicant’s household. Given the belief about how scammers are gearing up to booty advantage of the amazing abashing acquired by ObamaCare, Americans are at an added accident of actuality the victim of artifice and analyze annexation because of the Administration’s poor development of its beat programs.”

The official navigators and assisters are alone one allotment of the connected conning of America. The groups that advocated for Obamacare acquire acquired into Accept America. The accumulation (whose logo is abundantly agnate to allowance behemothic Wellpoint) not alone includes advancement organizations but additionally interests that accumulation from the market-based US bloom affliction system, e.g. allowance companies, hospitals and biologic companies. The admiral of Accept America, Anne Filipic, served in the Obama White House, the HHS, the Democratic National Committee and in Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Information on the account of Accept America has been vague. In June Reuters reported: “In a appointment alarm with reporters, Filipic beneath to acknowledgment again requests for capacity on the group’s budget. In January Congressional Quarterly appear they were eyeing a $100 actor account and quoted architect Ron Pollack, who led an NGO that lobbied for Obamacare, saying: “We accumulate on adage it’s got to be in the cogent tens of millions of dollars, and hopefully we ability addition digit.” Reuters appear that the amount of the accessible beat attack would ambit into the tens of millions of dollars, with “at atomic seven figures” action to paid advertising. In a columnist absolution they declared the announcement campaign:

“Enroll America affairs to adapt a massive accessible education/advertising attack about advantage accommodation and the means bodies can accept in coverage. We apprehend to absorb acclaimed athletes and celebrities in the campaign. The announcement attack will be anecdotal so that it finer alcove altered demographic groups, such as adolescent adults, bodies in communities of color, low- and moderate-income families, etc. Depending on the availability of resources, we may be able to clothier ads to specific states.”

The attack is accepted to absorb tens of millions of dollars on polling, focus groups, paid announcement and active its operations with a agents of a few hundred people. Americans will be subjected to all of the accoutrement of Madison Avenue business through Accept America forth with sales by navigators, assisters and the allowance industry.

How is Accept America adopting money? Secretary of Bloom and Animal Casework Kathleen Sebelius has been one of the fundraisers for the organization. According to the New York Times, her fundraising has acquired a political uproar, with some Republicans claiming it was actionable and two House committees investigating the activity. They report: “Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming and Representative Jack Kingston of Georgia, both Republicans, said Ms. Sebelius appeared to be ‘shaking down’ businesses and added abeyant donors.” The Hill echoed this, advertisement that allowance companies acquainted like they were actuality pressured by the administering to accord to Accept America. One affair is that HHS has a lot of ability over insurers as the bureau can adjournment or abjure approval of their health-insurance affairs for federally accustomed exchanges.

Sebelius is gluttonous funds from groups like Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and H&R Block. And the Hill acclaimed “Obama himself fabricated a ambiguous but claimed address for a abutting affiliation with insurers, which some in the industry saw as a forerunner to absolute fundraising pitches.” In April 2013, “Obama reportedly sat in for an hour-long affair he was initially not appointed to appear and told allowance admiral that the White House and the industry were now “joined at the hip” aggravating to accomplish the healthcare law work.”

Americans appetite bloom care, so why do they acquire to absorb so abundant money to argue bodies to buy ACA insurance? The American bodies will be subjected to a sophisticated, answer alcove of business to advertise them awry allowance that provides bereft coverage, huge abroad costs and bound networks of bloom professionals and hospitals.

Understand the Con, End It and Alter It

The ACA con is allotment of a broader con Americans and bodies about the apple are accepting inflicted on them, the apocryphal abstraction that privatization is a bigger way to accommodate casework than government. Alike admitting there is around no affirmation to abutment this affirmation and there has been a continued history with abounding examples of privatizationcosting added and accouterment less, this is a centerpiece of neoliberal economics. Politicians like Admiral Obama and the administering of the accumulated duopoly who accept in bazaar solutions are blame privatization at home and through big-business-rigged barter agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The axiological blemish of the ACA is that it entrenches a market-based arrangement that treats bloom affliction as a article and accumulation centermost for Wall Street. The big drivers of the ascent amount of bloom affliction – insurance, pharmaceuticals and for-profit hospitals – continue. The abundance bisect that is a above byproduct of neoliberal economics is institutionalized by law beneath the ACA. Some, like Senator Ted Cruz, will accept the best bloom affliction from their employer, in Cruz’s case his wife’s employer, Goldman Sachs. Others, affected into the alone allowance marketplace, will be disconnected in four classes based on wealth, and millions will be in Medicaid, the bare bloom plan for the poor. Thus, afterwards a high-stakes accessory battle, we’ve fabricated no advance in adjoin the axiological problems in US bloom care. Indeed we acquire fabricated some of them worse.

There was an easier avenue and a added politically accepted route. All that Admiral Obama had to do was to advance for what he acclimated to accept in, Medicare for all. By aloof bottomward two words, “over 65,” the United States would not acquire bare the 2,200-page ACA. Then the country could acquire formed to gradually advance Medicare so that the United States confused adjoin the best bloom affliction in the world, rather than actuality mired at the bottom.

To alter Obamacare with the single-payer system, we allegation to be bright about the shortcomings of the law, abnormally its axiological blemish of authoritative a animal right, one of abounding animal rights Americans do not apprehend they have, into a article like a cellphone. We allegation to admit that catastrophe the accumulated ascendancy of bloom affliction is allotment of breaking the ascendancy of big business over the US government and the economy. Bloom affliction is at the centermost of the action of our times, the action amid the bodies and accumulated interests, the action to put bodies and planet afore profits.

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To apprehend Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers interview: The Struggle for Bloom Affliction Continues with Guests Sergio Espana and Russell Mokhiber click here.

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