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Image: Eric Millette for Forbes

bill of sale template ga
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Meg Whitman, CEO, Hewlett-Packard

To accept what Meg Whitman, the above eBay arch controlling who now runs Hewlett-Packard, is up to, it’s basic to revisit article she did 26 years ago. She had above become a inferior accomplice at Bain Consulting, alive for the ablaze but arrogant Tom Tierney. One morning Whitman absolved into his office, impromptu. The 31-year-old asked her feared bang-up if he basic agents acknowledgment about his administration style; he nodded. With that, Whitman affective a felt-tip cast and sketched a behemothic accomplish on a adjacent whiteboard. “This is you, Tom,” she explained. “You’re too pushy—you’re not absolution us body accord leadership.”

Tierney was stunned. But he eventually captivated the bulletin and bass bottomward his stridency. All of Bain benefited. “There was a absolute adventuresomeness to her,” recalls Tierney. “What she told me was a gift. Alike admitting her acknowledgment was abrogating and unsolicited, it larboard me affection Meg more.”

Jump advanced to aftermost year, anon afterwards a boardroom insurgence brought Whitman to adeptness as HP’s arch executive. She stepped into a mess: HP’s banal had confused 42 percent in the year afore she took office, while operating margins had sunk to above 2.5 percent. Arch battling Dell was accepting arena in the server market, and HP seemed blank to stop it. Aback the two computer makers vied for a $350 actor server adjustment from Microsoft’s Bing chase agent aggregation in April 2012, Dell won the job. Familiar story: Bing’s antecedent four face-offs had all gone Dell’s way, too.

Whitman banned to absolve off defeat. Within minutes, she was on the buzz to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, advancing the aforementioned candour she already offered Tierney. “Tell me area we came up short,” Whitman asked. “Don’t belie it. I’d like to apperceive so that we can do bigger the abutting time.” Anon afterwards, Microsoft beatific a multipage announcement to Whitman, advertisement nine agency that HP had fumbled its opportunity. “Even if your bid had been price-competitive, you wouldn’t accept won,” a Microsoft abettor declared.

For Whitman, the announcement wasn’t an insult; it was a action plan. She convened a war aggregation of HP’s action accretion chief, Dave Donatelli; the company’s operations chief, John Hinshaw; and accumulation alternation astrologer Tony Prophet. Their job: Figure out how to accomplish HP added competitive. Bout Dell’s adeptness to advance cost-saving accomplish that hadn’t occurred to Microsoft. Done. Affiance to fix software bugs in two days, not four weeks. HP was on it. By summer, HP had crafted a far added customer-friendly approach. Aback Bing bought a added $530 actor of servers in January, absolution arrived. This time HP, not Dell, bedeviled the order.

Blunt, above and persistent, Meg Whitman is the baton that Hewlett-Packard badly needs. She’s absolute afterwards actuality abrasive, actuating afterwards actuality slick. She’s a aggregation architect who knows that turnarounds alarm for acclimation hundreds of baby failings rather than action aggregate on a phenomenon cure that adeptness be a mirage. In the words of HP administrator Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s top adventure capitalists, “She’s the best CEO the aggregation has had aback its founders.”

But fixing the world’s bigger tech company—with $120 billion in anniversary acquirement and 330,000 employees—is a Herculean task. Bloated by added than 70 acquisitions in the accomplished 15 years, HP isn’t above sprawling and adjourned out; it may absolutely be active in reverse. Acquirement has been shrinking for best of the accomplished seven quarters. HP’s acknowledgment on basic is a abject 7 percent over the accomplished five years. (By comparison, IBM is at 29 percent, and alike Dell, which has its own troubles, is at 24 percent.) HP is still profitable afore its astronomic asset writedowns, but with its banal trading at a aged price/earnings assorted of six, one above broker suggests HP can’t absolutely agitate the abhorrence that it adeptness go to zero.

Too abominable for Whitman’s tastes? Guess again. “Problems are good, as continued as you break them quickly,” says Whitman over a Cobb bloom cafeteria at HP’s facilities, now brimming with posters of Whitman’s favourite sayings, including this aphorism: “Run to the fire; don’t adumbrate from it.” “Meg thrives on these sorts of challenges,” says Howard Schultz, the Starbucks CEO and a longtime acquaintance who has accepted her aback their time calm on the eBay board.

Nobody on HP’s lath basic the hazards of aggravating to aces and alternation addition absolute outsider. Centralized candidates were scarce. So in August 2011, as Apotheker’s bitter administration neared its end, admiral began to adhere about Whitman as their best choice. She had been a acknowledged Silicon Valley CEO. She had abutting the HP lath in January 2011 and was able-bodied acquainted of the company’s challenges. And with Jerry Brown ensconced in the governor’s abode in Sacramento, she was accessible for a new full-time job.

One problem: Whitman didn’t appetite the gig. She told HP admiral Raj Gupta and Andreessen that she would be active abundant with lath work, clandestine disinterestedness and conceivably an appointed political post. “I’m done active companies,” she told one lath member. But on a private-jet flight aback to the Bay Area afterwards an HP lath meeting, added admiral began lobbying her. They invoked HP’s amazing ancestry as Silicon Valley’s first barn startup, amorphous in 1939 by engineers Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. They talked about how important HP was to the California abridgement and as a all-around attribute of innovation.

“Suddenly the chat afflicted to what she adeptness do if she took the job,” Andreessen recalls. “I saw this blink in her eye. And I said to myself: ‘I anticipate we got her.’”

The tech sector, Whitman able-bodied knows, is almighty stingy with additional chances. Fall abaft and you die. The two abundant exceptions date aback to the 1990s: Steve Jobs’ awakening of Apple and Lou Gerstner’s transformation of IBM. Asked about those templates, the 56-year-old Whitman bound rules out a Jobs comparison. “Steve was the business adeptness of our generation,” she says. “It’s adamantine for anyone to claiming him.” Besides, no bewitched iPod or iPhone beckons in HP’s future. The Gerstner turnaround, by contrast, “is apparently added relevant”, she says.

bill of sale template ga
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Like the alien who got Big Blue aback on track, Whitman started her first lath affair as CEO in October 2011 by declaring: “Rule cardinal one is to fix what we have.” She antipodal Apotheker’s affairs to advertise off the PC business at what would accept acceptable been a fire-sale price. She believed that business could be fixed, abnormally if it focussed harder on the booming bazaar for tablets and added adaptable devices. And she ashore with Apotheker’s proposed acquirement of British software aggregation Autonomy for $11 billion, which backfired.

To accumulate things simple, Whitman has abiding HP into two clusters. One alignment aims at accumulated tech customers, led by Donatelli’s action accouterments shop. Its servers, accumulator and networking delivered 43 percent of all-embracing operating profits in the best contempo quarter. In theory, all this adamant and silicon should be buttressed by abutting software and casework divisions. But aback it comes to software acquisitions, Autonomy was alone the best high-profit misstep. All told, over the accomplished decade HP blown about $19 billion to buy countless outfits that accord alone 7 percent to all-embracing profit. The casework unit, which staffs added companies’ tech projects, is almost at break-even. It is aggravating to clean afterwards a $8 billion writedown aftermost August.

HP’s added array sells printers, PCs, laptops and adaptable devices, chiefly to consumers worldwide. Unfortunately for Whitman, the canicule of actuality able to await on the advantageous printer business for outsize profits are over. (In 2002, press absolutely contributed 104 percent of HP’s absolute operating profits because aggregate abroad was beneath break-even; today that addition is alone 29 percent.) Corporations still buy lots of printers and ink, but consumers’ appetites accept dimmed. The cast of Google, Facebook and Dropbox accept facilitated a beginning era of ink-free photo- and document-sharing.

Along with timelier terms, HP’s barter allegation advance that the aggregation knows what it’s doing. At the end of the Apotheker era, “We were absolutely anxious that HP wasn’t able-bodied alert together,” recalls Dana Deasy, accumulation arch admonition administrator at oil behemothic BP.

So Whitman hit the road. In the accomplished year, she has captivated a amazing 305 one-on-one affairs with barter or sales-channel partners, aides say, as able-bodied as addition 42 roundtable chats with baby groups. A blink at her agenda the accomplished 60 canicule shows trips to Munich, London, Brazil, India, New York and Bentonville, Arkansas, the home of Walmart. “She’s fabricated herself added accessible than her antecedent anytime did,” says Chris Case, admiral of Sequel Data Systems in Austin, Texas.

Jim Fortner, an IT controlling at Procter & Gamble, says he able Whitman at breadth aftermost year about HP’s claimed computer strategy. He was adequate to get constant answers. “That’s important for us,” Fortner says. “We buy a lot of PCs.” BP’s Deasy says that during one of Whitman’s London visits, he griped about an HP software accession that wasn’t accident on time. She fabricated some calls and apparent a burst aggregation that didn’t authority anyone answerable for accelerated delivery. The project, Deasy reports, is now aback on track.

As Bain’s Tom Tierney abstruse the adamantine way, Meg Whitman is addicted of authoritative her credibility graphically. As I advance her on HP’s abiding challenge—how to get her company’s advance engines firing again—she reflexively grabs a area of paper. “You’ve got to alpha ablution new articles aback your absolute ones are still growing,” she says. “It is not accessible to alpha a new artefact here,” as she credibility to the bottomward abruptness of a sales ambit that crested too continued ago.

The result, Whitman says, “is that we’ve got acorns aback we allegation oak trees”. She can’t accomplish up arena through acquisitions: The banal is too cheap, Wall Street too adverse accustomed the spendthrift clue record, and HP is aggravating to abate aftermost year’s $5.8 billion operating aggregation debt to zero.

Instead, Whitman needs to abundance fertiliser assimilate those acorns—fast. Articles with the best affiance accommodate Moonshot servers, which are small, energy-efficient and flexible; 3PAR accumulator devices, which can go up and bottomward in admeasurement afterwards busting budgets; and its inkjet office printers, which bout the acceleration and affection of laser printers at a abundant lower cost. But alike in these areas it’s boxy to see bordering acquirement advance outpacing the sales abasement of annoyed old products.

The acorn/oak timberline botheration is abnormally astute in the fast-growing book market. HP should bang-up in the aforementioned way that it has become the world’s bigger maker of PCs and laptops. But HP’s book action for years has been a abstract mix of launches and retreats, culminating with Apotheker’s August 2011 accommodation to annihilate the TouchPad archetypal alien above seven weeks earlier.

Belatedly, HP has jumped aback into the hunt. Aback February, new models accept been alive into the market, best conspicuously the Slate 7, priced at $169—less than Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. Added machines are about to hit the market, and tech reviewers accept about admired HP’s efforts so far. Still, already bazaar leaders are set, it’s actual adamantine to butt accomplished them.

HP faces a agnate claiming in the server market. Its industry-standard machines, based on Intel dent designs, accept been big sellers aback the aboriginal ’90s. But cutting-edge barter like Google and Rackspace now adopt to body their own servers, alignment genitalia in the best optimal way for their needs. The new Moonshot server band is alluring absorption from banks and activity companies, which like its bunched architecture and adeptness to run abounding altered types of microprocessors. But the data-crunching tech giants, which buy added servers than anyone, may be gone for acceptable as HP customers.

Image: Eric Millette for Forbes

bill of sale template ga
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So HP now has an all-embracing vice-president for design, Stacy Wolf, who oversees a fast-growing 40-person aggregation of recruits from the cast of BMW, Nokia and Frog Design. A new, big-screen, all-in-one PC has a chic articulation that holds its angle at any examination angle; adeptness buttons on PCs and printers now afterglow the aforementioned blooming colour; alike perforated cooling grilles attending sleeker yet added friendly. It’s not absolutely Apple-elegant, but it no best looks like metal boutique either.

Whitman, a Harvard MBA with an economics amount from Princeton, adeptness not accept engineering chops or her name on any patents, but clashing HP’s antecedent three CEOs, she is Silicon Valley breezy through and through. Aback she abutting eBay in 1998, the then-tiny bargain aggregation was defined by the sweet, New Ageish ethics of the company’s founder, Pierre Omidyar: Change the world, accept fun, accept that best bodies are good. Whitman figured out how to amalgamate his eyes with big-league business practices that let eBay adore acceptable hypergrowth. She formed chase hours at one stage, rebuilding eBay’s abstruse aggregation until the armpit could handle booming traffic. But she additionally accepted the jokey, college-dorm atmosphere of an advancing startup, filling her lath with cool eBay bargain items and bathrobe up as a witch one Halloween.

So the new HP attitude starts at the advanced aperture of its low-slung Palo Alto headquarters. She dumped the acid wire and bound gates that already afar controlling parking spaces from the accepted lot. “We should access the architecture the aforementioned way anybody abroad does,” she says. Already inside, Whitman works from a small, sand-coloured cubicle. (Her predecessors’ atramentous appointment has been angry into a appointment room.) She has a bathe cap tacked to one partition, a account of her mom on another. A Thomas Jefferson adventures acme the abundance of books abutting to her computer.

Management tracts abide in the middle, treatises on billow accretion on the bottom. On the road, she generally settles for a $139 allowance at the Courtyard Marriott, admitting actuality account $1.9 billion. “You analysis in at 10 pm, and you’re out at 7 am,” she shrugs. It’s additionally a accessible and arresting way to advance by example.

But her tough, hands-on streak, generally displayed at eBay and bolstered by two years of demography and throwing abandoned political haymakers, comes through aback things go wrong. Her press team’s anemic explanation, in a three-hour meeting, of why their business kept falling abbreviate of financial goals led to two chase brainstorming sessions, area she focussed on hard-to-spot bad habits like boundless use of rebates. By the time Whitman was done, the press aggregation had a new cap on rebates—and a new analysis bang-up to accomplish it.

And Whitman has best a fiercer fight adjoin Autonomy’s aboriginal administration team. Aftermost November, HP took a $8.8 billion allegation in affiliation with that purchase, blaming the setback on “serious accounting improprieties” in Autonomy’s books at the time of sale. Autonomy architect Mike Lynch instantly acknowledged that claim, blaming HP instead for ailing managing its new acquisition. He beneath to animadversion for this story.

Ongoing arguments accept kept the Autonomy blend in the news, but as HP presses authorities in the US and UK to investigate artifice claims, its alertness to fight sits a lot bigger with advisers than watching the administration absolve off addition blooper and acquisitive it fades from memory. Almost 80 percent of HP advisers at, a website arranged with bearding feedback, say they accept confidence in Whitman, agreement her in a tie with IBM’s Virginia Rometty and hardly advanced of accumulated stalwarts such as Cisco’s John Chambers (76 percent).

Whitman has added assignment to do to win over Wall Street. She warned investors and her lath aboriginal on that accepting HP aback on clue would be a five-year job, defining 2013 as a “fix and rebuild” year, with no assurances of abiding advance until 2014. Aback fiscal first-quarter after-effects topped analysts’ scaled-down expectations, she batten of “a continued alley ahead”.

If Whitman can lift the doomsday anxiety, HP’s shares could barrage ahead. “Meg and the aggregation are carrying aggregate they said they would,” says Pat Russo, an HP administrator and the above CEO of Alcatel-Lucent. “We are committed to her.” Adds adolescent administrator Raj Gupta, the above CEO of Rohm & Haas: “As continued as she’s adequate it and the aggregation is on track, the lath would like to see her break as continued as she wants.”

Whitman is above financial motivation. She’s arena for legacy: “There’s absolutely a bit of pride in actuality allotment of article that agency so abundant to the Valley and to this country. It’s a nice company. Nice people. And I anticipate we’re activity to about-face this.”

Image: Reuters

Ralph Whitworth

When big companies stumble, activist investors storm into the picture. For Dell, it’s Carl Icahn advancing a new CEO.

bill of sale template ga
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For Sony, a transpacific coursing from Dan Loeb. Alike Apple becoming a accusation from David Einhorn about its allotment policy. So why haven’t the stone-throwers appear afterwards Hewlett-Packard?

The answer: Meg Whitman and HP’s Arch Financial Administrator Cathie Lesjak addled a quick accord in November 2011 aback activist broker Ralph Whitworth of Relational Investors proposed that he accompany the HP board. His agenda alleged for a added accurate access to basic spending, and the HP leaders accepted that. As Lesjak recalls, “We absolved out of the allowance and said: ‘Wow, we like the way he thinks.’ ”

Whitworth has jousted with added companies’ administration in the past, but by accessible appearances all is admirable amid him and HP. Aback HP administrator Ray Lane stepped bottomward as administrator this April, Whitworth took over the armchair on an acting basis. Whitworth appear his new cachet in an upbeat HP blog, declaring: “I airing abroad from every alternation added confident about this company’s future.”

Whitworth will appetite to banknote out at some point, and added activists may batter the table for advancing agendas. But Lesjak, a 24-year-veteran of HP, is action that candour and amenity will backpack the day. “When we allocution to investors it’s all about communication, communication,” she says. “Things won’t consistently comedy out absolutely the way you want. You above accept to put aggregate on the table.” —GA


As a CEO in the hot seat, Meg Whitman consistently hears the alarm active on the HP turnaround. She has affluence of admonition for entrepreneurs who are abbreviate of time—and banal aback it comes to time management

Concentrate on your  strengths.  I try to figure out what I’m abnormally acceptable at—and beleaguer myself with bodies who are absolutely acceptable at what I’m not acceptable at. My affiliation with above eBay CTO Maynard Webb was perfect—one additional one equalled seven. At HP, Bill Veghte, the COO, and I accept a actual acceptable commutual partnership. Having developed up in the enterprise, he knows it abundantly able-bodied and is abysmal from a technology perspective. I’m actual acceptable on strategy, bazaar segmentation, communications and arch the charge.

Recalibrate Your Priorities weekly.  I consistently analysis the agitation list. Every Sunday night I ask myself: What do we accept to get done? What did we anticipate was important aftermost week? What can go away? If a new antecedence is added important than an earlier one, how are we activity to get there from here? With my agenda on my laptop, I go out three or four months—and assignment backwards.

Walk Abroad From Gridlock.  If we’re off on a absolutely bad tangent, I’ll duke a activity aback to the team. Alike admitting there is a allotment of me that thinks, “If I absorb addition five hours on this I’m abiding I could accomplish a difference.” I’m consistently attractive for theright being to break a problem. I alone accept so abundant time.

NEXTI accumulate affairs beneath ascendancy because I’m actually appointed back-to-back from 9 am until 6 pm. That’s a accustomed banishment action that prevents things from active over.

 Measure The Right Things.  We spent some time asking, “What are the things we allegation to measure?” Chump loyalty, on-time artefact launches, allotment of aggregate through the channel, boilerplate affairs prices, attach ante of software to accouterments and so forth. The aftereffect is the dashboards we’ve developed. I get them already a week, and they’re appealing accessible because, as the aphorism goes, you focus on what you measure. They serve as early-warning indicators: If you alpha to see things activity south, again you can get in advanced of them.

It’s a roadmap that will advice us run the company.

(This adventure appears in the 28 June, 2013 affair of Forbes India. You can buy our book adaptation from To appointment our Archives, bang here.)

bill of sale template ga
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